How a chance meeting with Brittany Watkins changed my life, part 2



cookie_binge-1 I know you're dreading the infamous holiday weight gain so I wanted to make sure this year is different for you. I’ve put together a guide to some of my BEST videos and blog posts to help you feel in control around food this holiday season and enjoy this special time with the people you love most. Emotional Eating: Did you check out my interview with Margaret Lynch where I share my emotional eating technique? I apologize for the sound in the first few minutes, it gets better. Overeating at Parties: If you have a hard time controlling yourself at parties, tap along to this video before you leave- your cravings are connected to positive childhood memories of dinner time and celebrations with your family. (if you don't have positive memories, use the emotional eating technique) Food Cravings: If there's a food (or several) you just can't say no to then watch and tap-a-long to this video to learn where it comes from and how to do “the ball of light technique for food cravings. Taking Care of Yourself: If you have trouble taking care of yourself especially with so much going on, this video and tapping script is for you.   The Ultimate Self-Care Guide Part 2: To go even deeper with your self-care and tapping for "the perfectionist" visit this blog post. To learn more about weight loss blockers and how they could affect you during the holidays, check out my latest blog post Why you will gain weight this holiday season and how to stop it.   I hope this holiday guide is helpful! I remember much I  suffered through the holiday binge-guilt cycle. You don't need to feel that way this year. Just watch and tap-a-long to all the videos and tapping scripts above and you should feel A LOT more in control. Of course, if you need more help or want to really go deep and clear this issue once and for all, we have lots of support in the Think and Thin Advanced Program, just apply to work with me there and someone will call you asap!  Xoxox Britt britt_pictureBrittany Watkins is a weight loss coach, author, and is widely known as one of the foremost experts in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/tapping) for emotional eating and weight loss. Her wildly popular online programs, based on 15 years of research on weight loss, self-sabotage and leading-edge science, teach people how to apply specific techniques to quickly and effortlessly eliminate binging, food cravings, and all other forms of emotional eating. Her approach to weight loss clears the underlying emotional drivers that cause disordered eating, pinpointing the root of the problem—even if you don’t know what it is—and reprogramming negative thought patterns by upgrading the “software” of the mind. She developed this very in depth Quiz to help you discover what your #1 weight loss blocker is.