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These Terms cover your relationship and interaction with brittanywatkins.com and Watkins Ventures. You are the website visitor or user. Brittanywatkins.com is the official company website.

These Terms are under the state of California, United States.

Intellectual Property

The content and trademarks in this page are the exclusive property of Watkins Ventures. The content, including the quiz, trademark claims, and name of Brittany Watkins, can not be used for any purposes without expressed permission by a representative of Watkins Ventures. Doing so would result in copyright infringement and other activities regarding intellectual property forbidden by law. You may use the membership, content, and products on this website for personal, non-commercial use only. You may not use it for any other purpose.

Products and Services

Digital products and services are sold through this website. Digital products take the form of webinars, audio MP3s PDFs, and any other content delivered online. Services include training with experts from Brittany Watkin’s courses.

We reserve the right to change the prices at any time and the right to refuse or cancel certain orders at the company’s sole discretion.

For any material changes to the Terms and Conditions, you will be notified in advance. You will be given 30 days notice before before the new Terms and Conditions become effective.

The nature of the products and services sold here is to help customers overcome emotional eating and get rid of food cravings. Research-based psychological methods, such as “Tapping”, are used to accomplish this aim.

Products Descriptions and Terms:

Online Weight-Loss-Blocker Webinar: This product teaches you to overcome any food craving of your choice, provides visualization exercises for removing the cravings in 5 minutes, and explores 6 “weight loss blockers”. $37 price to be paid 7 days after the customer enters their credit card information to register for the webinar, which can be watched immediately after. The customer can email support at support@brittanywatkins.com to cancel the payment before the webinar. After the customer has been charged, they still have 30 days to request and receive a full refund.

Subconscious Success Audio / PDF: This product is $27 dollars. It is charged immediately to your card with a 30 day full refund policy. This product gives users exercises that motivate them to take the right actions, attend the webinar, and stop them from being distracted by things that prevent them from following through with their health goals. It is purchases as soon as the user clicks the web-page button called, “Get Access Now”

6 Week “Think and Thin” Training Program: This product is three payments of $199 or one payment of $499. The user chooses their payment plan. This is an in-depth training that deeply covers all 5 weight loss blockers and any other psychological elements ot eating habits. There is a 30 day 100% refund guarantee for this product.


You are fully responsible for your own health, safety, and happiness. Only you can make the right choices for your highest good. You agree that the use of any Watkins Ventures, Inc content, including this membership, is at your sole risk. You agree that the program is sold “as is” and that Watkins Ventures, Inc makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied. Brittany Watkins further disclaims any implied warranties. Brittany Watkins will do her best to keep the membership site running consistently and optimally. Please communicate with Brittany Watkins promptly if you encounter any issues with the service. Brittany Watkins makes no promise or guarantee that the website will always be running or that content on the website will always be operating as intended.

Brittany Watkins is not a psychotherapist or a licensed medical practitioner. Brittany Watkins does not promise or claim to treat, diagnose or cure any physical or medical condition. Seek licensed medical advice as needed.

No claims are made about guaranteed weight loss of any kind. These products claim to help users get rid of their food cravings and weight-loss-blockers. Any weight loss is a by-product of doing the program.

Limitation of liability

You agree that Watkins Ventures, Inc will not be liable for any damages whatsoever, including without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss. In any event, any liability of Brittany Watkins and Watkins Ventures, Inc arising out of or in connection with this program or any other content or coaching provided by Brittany Watkins shall not exceed the amount you paid, if any, for this program.

Indemnification. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Brittany Watkins and Watkins Ventures, Inc for any claim arising out of your use of any Brittany Watkins and Watkins Ventures, Inc membership, content, or program.