Science finally explains what my technique does!


Scientist used EEG brain imaging devices to look at the brain before and after tapping sessions.

And look at what they found:

After just 12 sessions, the brain is almost normal - I am not sending you all these emails for fun, this stuff really works!

Here’s the science on how tapping works to change your brain and end binge eating permanently:

When you're a binge eater, it's usually because you’ve had some bad experiences in your past.

They can be anything from kids making fun of you at school, not feeling loved by a parent, someone yelling at you, or a dog barking and scaring you..

These bad experiences get stored in the memory part of your brain called the hippocampus.

The brain stores these memories as a way to ensure nothing like that ever happens to you again…

When something bad happens (that reminds you of a similar memory from your past) maybe someone's voice gets loud, or your partner rejects you, or you walk by a barking dog.. your brain sends a signal to the amygdala (the bodies alarm system) this is your fight or flight response (you’ve probably heard of this before.)

This flight or flight response is what causes to you to feel lots of emotions - stressed, anxious, sad or lonely…

It's because your brain recognizes this feeling from your stored memories.

This is when you’d probably start to eat, to calm or soothe yourself.

When you use Tapping (the way I teach in my program), you actually sever the alarm signal that triggers you to eat…

What this means is, after about 5-7 minutes, you can look at the food, not feel stressed and not have any desire to eat to soothe yourself.

And it actually heals your brain from the bad stored memories… what this means is, fewer things will trigger you to eat, you'll feel happier without taking any medication, and you'll feel less hungry all the time.

Studies show people also start having better relationships, make more money and even their overall health can improve.

You'll notice a difference after just 4 sessions, and in 12 you will have almost completely healed your brain from binge and emotional eating!

That’s why the Think and Thin Advanced program comes with 12 1-1 tapping sessions with one of my highly trusted coaches.

Advanced students also get 2 live laser coaching calls with me every month. I keep this group small, so everyone gets a chance to check in.

Advanced students walk away from the laser coaching calls with a customized prescription to use for the following 2 weeks.

Our advanced students make RAPID progress because of all the 1-1 attention they get from me and my coaches.

You don’t have to take my word for it.. just read the stories on this next page. Scroll to the bottom to see more than 50 stories from graduates.



P.S. If you’re tired of struggling with binge eating, food cravings, sugar obsession, and body hatred - schedule a call today to see if you’d be a good fit for the advanced program.