How a chance meeting with Brittany Watkins changed my life, part 2



Brittany Watkins here, I woke up this morning singing “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and I thought about Christmas and holidays with my family. Because I’m traveling today to go visit them, I thought about a really common problem I used to have. And I know a lot of my clients have the same challenge too when they start working with me. And that is, when you go to your house, how many times do you tell yourself before you go on a holiday, or to an event, or to parties, or a family get together that you’re not gonna eat, you’re not gonna snack and you’re gonna be good? And as soon as you walk and see some of your family members, you guys huddle round the kitchen table and start eating all the snacks.

One Simple Tip to Eliminate Your Food Cravings at Holiday Parties
Do you ever do that? I remember my sisters and I would do exactly that! And so, I want to talk about why it happens and then I’ll share a little technique to help you put a stop to it. You may have heard me talk about my ‘ball of light’ technique. My ball of light technique is specifically for food cravings but there’s a couple of different ways you can work with it. One: For specific foods you crave. Whether it’s chocolate, pizza, ice-cream... the trigger foods that shouldn’t live in your house! Two: Cravings for certain foods or when you’re out at parties or events. So how does the ball of light technique work? It allows us to take emotions out of the food and bring it into our bodies and our hearts. And then we share that feeling with the person or the people that we shared this food with and the memory of sharing this food. For most people, the reason you have food cravings isn’t because you like food or because you have bad willpower. It’s because you used to eat this food during a really positive time or around people you really love. So what happens is your emotions literally get locked in the food. I find this happens more for people who are emotionally wired. If you were to break people up into two categories, there’s emotional people and there’s logical people. Logical People These people use their logic to tell themselves something in order to coach themselves. Emotional People These people feel their emotions and let their emotions be their guide. There’s no right or wrong here at all. It’s just what I’ve noticed. What ends up happening because you’re more emotional, you feel and empathise with people while you’re eating the food. You’re feeling all these really good feelings of sharing this food with the people you love. And then what happens, every time you’d eat that food, your subconscious mind is flooded with the same amazing memories and feelings you felt way back when. So that’s why when you go to a party, even if you’ve decided beforehand you’re not gonna eat any of the food, you’ll end up eating it because of this anchor to those positive memories. Let me share a quick technique with you to take these emotions out of the food. I want you to grab my holiday guide - there’s no opt-in or anything, it’s just a blog post where I’ve added all of my best techniques to help you get through the holidays. There’s seven or eight different techniques and some of them are some of my best techniques.
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I highly encourage you to set aside a couple of hours and go through that material before you start your holiday vacation. I can guarantee once you've read and my techniques, your holiday season is going to be very different (for the better). I want you to think about the holiday party you’re gonna go to or the family get together and think about all the people who are gonna be there and I bet they’re the same people from your childhood. I want you to think about the foods that will be there and the foods that really trigger you. Narrow it down and pick one food. It could be chocolate, cookies, pizza - whatever triggers you. Now... really put yourself there at the party. Surrounded by all these people you really love. Imagine that food is right there in front of you. It’s calling your name. Really feel the love and attraction to the food. You’ll probably feel your body drawn to wanting to eat that food. Next, close your eyes and imagine scooping up those feelings out of the food and bringing them into your heart. Sometimes I have to do this a couple of times to really feel like I captured all of them, but as you look at this food, the food is going to be calling to you. Scoop down, grab those emotions and feelings out of the food and bring them into your heart. Now, take a look around at the people who are there and I want you to decide who you want to pass this feeling on to. You might have a couple of people you want to pass this on to. You don’t have to pass it onto everybody at the party but choosing 2 or 3 people is a really great idea. Remember to taste the food in your mind and feel all the great feelings as you pass the ball of light from your heart to the next person’s heart. You’ll see as their eyes widen that they’re so happy to share this feeling with you. Now, look at the next person you want to send this ball of light to and send it from your heart to their heart and see how excited and happy they are to receive this feeling from you and have them pass it back to your heart. Keep using the ball of light technique back and forth. Passing the feeling from one person’s heart to the next. While you’re passing this ball of light, you can go as fast or as slow as you want but always remember to keep tasting the food in your mind and feeling all those good feelings. Why is this important? Because you’re sharing those good feeling with that person. And do you know what’s amazing about using the ball of light technique? You’re actually telling your subconscious mind that the good feelings aren’t in the food...they’re with this person. One you’ve finished passing the ball of light, I want you to rate your desire for the trigger food on a scale from zero to ten before you started and at the end. If you still have a desire for the trigger food, I want you head on over to the holiday guide and watch the videos because I go into much greater detail about how you can overcome food cravings whilst on holiday. I hope this little tip has helped you out. I hope you’re all having a lovely holiday break and I’ll be creating more great content very soon. Happy Holidays, Brittany Watkins P.S. Click HERE to watch FULL video on how to eliminate food cravings at holiday parties P.P.S Click HERE to Grab my Holiday Weight Gain Mini-Guide