How a chance meeting with Brittany Watkins changed my life, part 2


It’s Friday, , Time forFlavors of the Week! Every other Friday expect to get a sneak peak into my personal life where I’ll share with you what I’m reading, who I’m following, health-hacks I’m trying and so much more!



It’s Friday, , Time for
Flavors of the Week!

Every other Friday expect to get a sneak peak into my personal life where I'll share with you what I'm reading, who I'm following, health-hacks I'm trying and so much more!


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Person I am Following: Charisma on Command

I learned about these guys a very unconventional way… they actually live in my building in Santa Monica. They also have 2 million people following them on YOUTUBE. Charlie and Ben started the channel together, and Charlie does most of the videos now. Knowing Charlie personally, I can say he’s a very authentic, tapped in dude who genuinely cares about people’s emotional health. Recently, he made a video about self-esteem, and it made me realize that I was feeling depressed in my long-distance relationship. Charlie took the time to talk to me about it so I could get more clarity… I decided to end that relationship, even though I really loved him, and immediately felt better. I really believe in these guys and the work they are doing, I highly recommend you follow them.


Book I am reading: Journey of Souls

I have given this book to more people than I can count… It's my MOST recommended book, right after Attached - which was in my last flavors email. The author of Journey of Souls realized that no one was asking what happens in between lives… (if you believe in the past lives thing) There are many books on past lives, but no one was talking about the spirit world. So he decided to research it himself and put 20,000 people under hypnosis and asked them the same questions. He realized that 70-80% of them had similar responses for each question. The book is very well written and answers questions like “what's my purpose?” “do soulmates exist?” “why did I choose these parents?” and soooo much more.. I cant recommend it enough.


Supplements I’m using:
Vitamin C

Nobody gives this supplement enough credit. We’re brought up knowing that it’s ‘good for us’ but it sort of sits there as this “blah blah, yeah right, whatever supplement…I know I should probably take it but who cares?!”

But I did some digging around and found many claims that when it’s taken in LARGE DOSES, it can do amazing things for your health! It can turn around your immune system, help you lose weight and has even been credited with curing serious diseases.

After just two weeks of taking it, my energy levels soared, and I felt euphoric for no reason. I consider myself a generally happy person, but this was such a noticeable shift. I found myself saying yes a lot more; I started my day with excitement and even staying up late with my boyfriend, which I usually never do (I’m totally neurotic about getting enough sleep!).

When I first heard about vitamin C I poo-pooed it. I wanted something much fancier and complicated to address my health issues. But then I started to read about it, and I discovered most people take it the wrong way, in small doses.

But studies have shown that we need LARGE amounts of vitamin C to experience its full power.


Health Experiment I’m trying: MMS

Miracle Mineral Solution… There are many conflicting arguments about this supplement online, so I want to encourage you to do your own research. I actually read a 200-page book about this before I started it, so I felt comfortable taking it and dosing myself correctly. When I began MMS, I was struggling with severe adrenal fatigue... I'm not sure what lead me to this supplement, but I decided to give it a try. For a week I slept CONSTANTLY, then I got a weird nasal flu type reaction for a week (which I later learned was inflammation moving out of my system), and when it was over, I felt the best I've ever felt in years! You can take it for SO many things.. My sister is currently using it for acne. Again, do your own research, but this supplement really changed my life!





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Brittany Watkins is a weight loss coach, author, and is widely known as one of the foremost experts in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/tapping) for emotional eating and weight loss.

Her wildly popular teleclasses and online programs, based on 15 years of research on weight loss, self-sabotage and leading-edge science, teach people how to apply specific techniques to quickly and effortlessly eliminate binging, food cravings, and all other forms of emotional eating.

Brittany has helped thousands of women (and some men!) look and feel amazing. Her signature technique Echo Tapping™ has been used by more than 2 million women worldwide.