I’ve just been evicted!



A few weeks ago I came home to my apartment in San Francisco to find an eviction notice posted on my front door. It turned out that the master tenant (from whom I was renting) had stopped paying her rent. A few days prior I had participated in a powerful meditation ceremony in which I vowed to the universe to live my truth and to claim my role as a leader and teacher on this earth. I was still humming from such a magnificent experience, so I looked at the notice, shrugged and said “well, I guess there’s something better out there for me.” Side note: for those of you who don’t know the rental market in San Francisco, it’s NUTS, the prices are ridiculous and apartments are rented as soon as they list! No joke. After a few weeks of trying unsuccessfully to find a place to call home in San Francisco, my cool, calm attitude began to dissipate and I started to panic. “Crap... what am I going to do? I only have a few days, I can’t find anything… it’s all so expensive, I’ll never find something… this is supposed to work out! What’s up universe? Don’t you have my back? Can’t you fix this for me??” I promptly put myself in check and started to tap on my feelings of anxiety. A few minutes later it occurred to me that a few months back I had promised to reward myself with an extended beach vacation once the Think and Thin program had finished. I even found the post-it note that listed my goals, the final one being “Beach reward: Sept 1st-Oct 1st.” Think and Thin still needed so much attention that I’d been talking myself out of my beach vacation… I can’t go, I have too much to do, clients, classes, website, lalalala…… But I felt very strongly that my eviction was a clear sign that I NEEDED to do that for myself. After a conversation with a student who explained she was on a “staycation” (a vacation where you stay at home) it occurred to me that I could do the same thing, but live at the beach, in Mexico…. So, I packed up my apartment, put all my belongings into storage and bought a one-way ticket to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Bella (my new puppy) and I arrived in Mexico with two suitcases, a reservation for an apartment three blocks from the beach, an open mind and zero agenda. Within one week my productivity doubled!! On my breaks, I swim in the Caribbean Sea, in the evenings I dine on the popular 5th Avenue (at about a third of the cost of SF), and over weekends I either scuba dive or go on tours to see the local landmarks. I’m not trying to brag, because I’VE WORKED HARD for this, and now I believe I DESERVE it. Many people who struggle with their weight feel they don’t “deserve” to reward themselves until they lose the weight. Or they refuse to make time for themselves. Well let me tell ya sister (or brother), as long as you’re depriving yourself from simple life pleasures like a peaceful walk in the park, a mani pedi with a girlfriend or a 30 minute nap, you’ll continue to eat emotionally. When we eat, it’s our body saying “please, I need a break, some pleasure, joy, happiness, SOMETHING!!” And when we stop listening to that little inner voice, we start to overeat. So, my challenge to you is this: what can you do to reward yourself today? - Try something new (an art class, tennis, redecorate a room in your house) - Call an old friend and have a good laugh together - Take yourself on a date to see a local attraction - Attend a party or event - Take a bubble bath (my fave is a detox bath with Epsom salts and a box of baking soda). The more you invest time and energy into taking care of yourself, the easier it will be to lose weight. Please, start consciously rewarding yourself every day, otherwise, you will unconsciously reward yourself with food. As always, there is a tapping script below to help make this easier! Try it and let me know how you decide to reward yourself in the BLOG section. Love and hugs, Britt P.S. Do you want me to help you get these same results? I work closely with a few students to pretty much guarantee their success over the next 6 months. Schedule a call with us today to find out if we can help you. https://www.thinkandthin.com/think-and-thin-advanced Tapping script: --- Think about rewarding yourself in some way and notice what comes up --- Even though I have this resistance to rewarding myself, I love and accept myself Even though I have this resistance to rewarding myself, I love and accept myself Even though I have this resistance to rewarding myself, I love and accept myself I’m totally resisting this Reward? What reward? I’m not there yet I’m not worthy yet I can’t give myself a reward I have to work harder This resistance to rewarding myself I honor it for its positive intentions It’s just part of me that wants better in some way But it’s no longer serving me So I choose to let it go Deep breath --- Think again about giving yourself some kind of reward --- Even though I still have some resistance to rewarding myself, I love and accept myself Even though I still have some resistance to rewarding myself, I love and accept myself Even though I still have some resistance to rewarding myself, I love and accept myself This remaining resistance All this resistance that’s left I choose to let it go And I’m open to the possibility of rewarding myself in some way Rewards always make me feel good And when I feel good, I eat less So I choose to find ways to reward myself daily I honor myself for working so hard to reach my weight loss goals I am worthy and deserving right now It feels good to love myself right now in this moment