How a chance meeting with Brittany Watkins changed my life, part 2


It's here, the dreaded holiday season… if you’re anything like me (or how I used to be), you're probably feeling scared about all the tempting treats that will inevitably be lurking around every corner… Not to fear! I discovered a way to help you LOSE weight or at least maintain your weight and have WAY more fun in the process… TO illustrate this properly, let me first tell you what NOT to do….

How to GAIN weight this holiday season:

  1. Feel really stressed about the holidays
  2. Say no to most parties and invitations other than the ones you HAVE to go to
  3. Think and obsess about all the “bad foods” that will be there
  4. Restrict yourself from having any of the bad foods
  5. Well, maybe just one won't hurt…
  6. Feel ashamed you broke your promise and indulge in another treat…  
  7. Screw it, eat ten cookies when no one is looking because, well, you already blew it, and you’re a bad person who will never reach her goal weight. :-(
  8. Repeat this process again tomorrow and the next day until January 1st.

Or you can try this process instead….. How to LOSE weight during the holidays

  1. Do some Ball of Light tapping on the foods you know will be at these parties
  2. Go shopping and find a nice outfit that fits your body (as it is now). Ask the girl working at the shop to help you
  3. Say YES to all the holiday invitations you receive - or have your own get together
  4. Feel excited about all the foods you get to try
  5. Do not snack or pick - if there are appetizers, make yourself a plate and sit down to eat it, when dinner comes, serve yourself a little of everything
  6. Enjoy the food, really savor every single bite
  7. Feel great when you eat it, even make Mmmmm sounds (this will help you release happy chemicals like serotonin)
  8. Keep eating until you notice the food doesn't taste as good (you’ll have to pay close attention to every bite, this will be a very subtle shift)
  9. Once it doesn't taste good anymore, stop eating and feel accomplished that you just enjoyed a delicious meal knowing that it won't cause you to gain weight.



Watch the video to understand this process in more depth. I really hope this helps you have a fun, enjoyable, pleasurable holiday season :-) Xoxo Brittany P.S. The holidays can be a time when lots of old childhood wounds resurface, and it’s also one of THE BEST times to clear them. If you’d like some help with that, I have a few spots open in my advanced program where you get to work with me and one of my BEST coaches 1-1 to heal these wounds in super duper fast warp speed… which (of course) is my superpower. ;-)