How a chance meeting with Brittany Watkins changed my life, part 2


Those intense food cravings; that trigger to overeat when you’re stressed; that late night emptiness you try to fill with sweets… they are all caused by “weight loss blockers.” Your weight loss blockers have a terrible power over you. They make it almost impossible to stick to any diet. Even diets that work for other people will fail you. Or if you do lose weight, you eventually gain it all back again. Many women have these blockers, and that’s why it is so hard for them to lose weight.

Weight Loss Blockers are psychological These blockers cause psychological addictions to food… so that your brain is programmed to overeat. There are 7 major blockers. You may have just a couple or all 7 of them. But if you don’t know they exist, you have no hope of fighting them. As long as you have even one single weight loss blocker you will not be able to keep weight off for good. So why do you feel out of control around food? Why do you crave specific foods so badly? Why do you eat when you aren’t hungry? These behaviors originate in the mind. This is proven by the fact that there is a mental solution to losing weight. A Cure for Cravings I'm going to share something very important with you, something I've been waiting to share for a loooong time… I discovered the 7 key weight loss blockers. It took me 15 years to uncover all of them AND my findings are backed by 30 years of academic research and psychological work with thousands of people. I also found the solution to weight loss blockers. There is a way to find out which weight loss blockers are controlling your behavior. Then there are simple mental exercises to expel them. These exercises get rid of food cravings and end emotional eating for good. You will be able to eat a cookie or piece of pizza and stop after only a couple of bites… because just a few bites will be enough to satisfy you. You will no longer feel that craze to eat guilt-food until it is all gone or until you feel sick. Yes, you can eat the foods you love without overdoing it. And what happens when you’re no longer controlled by food? You lose weight. Results ARE typical. My certified coaches and I have helped thousands of women to shed excess weight. Out of 35 students surveyed, they lost an average of 19.8 pounds in six months. The most weight lost was 72 pounds and the least was 10 pounds. Here is the most amazing fact: in the last four years of keeping tabs on these students.. nobody who lost more than 10 pounds gained the weight back!! This is because all of their weight loss blockers were removed for good. A student described what it’s like to remove these blockers and lose weight: “You won’t even recognize yourself, but you will also feel like you’ve come home... For the first time in many, many years, you’ve come home.” – Brenda, who lost 72 lbs So, which blocks do you have? Take this short 30 second Quiz to find out! Discover which of the 7 subconscious weight loss blockers you have so that you can finally understand your struggle with weight and food - and how to end it once and for all Take this simple first step to freedom. How many more nights will you spend at home alone, hiding yourself away? How many more fights will you have with people you love because you don’t feel good about yourself? How many more hours will you spend THINKING and OBSESSING about food? Find out what's driving your eating behaviour in the next 30 seconds! With Love, xoxo Brittany Watkins