Everyone Will Think I’m Fat!



As I stepped onto the stage to introduce my mentor, Margaret Lynch, these words surprisingly were NOT running through my head. 2013-03-01 Margaret Lynch 3299 2013-03-01 Margaret Lynch 3283 2013-03-01 Margaret Lynch 3266 [caption id="attachment_2899" align="alignleft" width="250"]Demonstrating the crazy reaction most people have when they tap for the first time :-) Demonstrating the crazy reaction most people have when they tap for the first time :-)[/caption]

In the past, speaking on a stage in front of 150 people would have been preceded by a month of rigorous dieting. My inner dialog would have been completely consumed by thoughts like, “Oh God, my thighs are going to look so enormous!” “What the hell am I going to wear?” “Everyone will think I’m a total fraud...who the hell do I think I am talking about weight loss, when I’m struggling myself?” But there was none of that this time, just peace, acceptance, confidence, and an inner knowing that I am enough, just the way I am. My only thought about body size wasn’t until I was actually standing on stage when I heard myself say, “Holy crap, I haven't even thought about how fat I look! Wow, this is cool, all that Third Chakra tapping is really paying off!” I couldn’t believe how calm and relaxed I felt. The third chakra relates directly to your personal power, how you hold that power and how you interpret the power of others. Where weight loss is concerned, it dictates your willpower and your ability to exercise self-control. Anodea Judith?, the author of Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self (one of my most valued reference manuals) says, “your relationship with yourself will mirror the relationship you have with your parent or authority figure,” so if you grew up fighting your authority figure, it will be highly likely that you will fight yourself as an adult. How does this play out in your relationship with food?
  • If your parent was controlling or dominating, you are likely to rebel against any food restrictions or diet plans, repeatedly sabotaging yourself like a child who wants to fight back.
  • If your parent was absent or passive, you are likely to have the same attitude towards yourself, without rules around food, and never saying no to anything you desire.
  • If your parent was deceptive and indirect, you will be a master of avoidance and manipulation, both to yourself and others, and you’ll probably sneak food while publicly dieting.
  • If your parent used criticism and shaming to control you, their critical voice will replay in your mind ad nauseam as the soundtrack to your life
So here’s what I want you to do: Close your eyes and imagine your authority figure standing over you. Imagine them at their very worst...criticizing you, controlling you, or dismissing you. Make them as big and ugly and vivid as possible, see their facial expressions in crystal clear HD, and then imagine you have a big plate of delicious food in front of you. Take note of your reaction to the food. Do you want to eat it? Or do you want to push it away? Notice your intensity on a scale from 0–10 and start tapping through the points: Look at you Controlling Dictating Critical Just plain mean Oh no, I will NEVER be like you I vow to never be like you I made this vow, deep in my third chakra And I’ve spent my whole life proving how different I am From you I work my ASS off, so that I’m not like you!! But the truth is, I am just like you…to myself I am critical and judgmental And just plain mean, to myself And that makes me angry!!! And so sad!!! Thanks [name of authority figure – Mom/Dad/Auntie Jane etc] You really screwed me up I’ve spent my LIFETIME fighting you Fighting this Vowing to never be like you And here I am Sabotaging myself Hurting myself Because of you --- Fill in the blank here with words you want to say to them, just let rip and continue tapping through the points until you notice your body relax. --- And now that I see the truth I can open myself to healing this Because the truth is, I’m NOT like you This is an old vow And it no longer serves me So I am choosing right now to make peace with this And I am choosing right now to STOP giving away my power Because that’s exactly what I’m doing When I hurt myself When I sabotage myself I’m being just like you And now that I see this truth I can begin to heal this Because I’m not like you I’m not like you at all And I am choosing right now In this moment To forgive you Because through forgiveness I claim my power And allow myself to succeed This is my true nature Totally amazing in all my glory Proud and confident and powerful In my own right I am claiming my power today Right now in this moment And I am choosing to allow my success And let my true nature shine You may need to spend more time with the tapping for negative emotions before you can get to the positives. If you haven’t done much work around this relationship, this might be a highly charged exercise for you, so just speak your truth and keep tapping through the feelings that arise. I LOVE this work and I LOVE helping you. Hugs, xoxo Britt P.S. If you're struggling with self-sabotage and want help, there are a few spots open in my small group program. Each week I coach a small group of students and custom tailor practices and techniques to fit their needs.  We keep this group small, but if you're receiving this email that means there is space available! Schedule a call right now to see if you're a good fit for this program. Students in this group report a 90% reduction in their emotional eating within 2-3 months. And the results are permanent!