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Hypnosis For Weight Loss

When I was struggling to overcome emotional eating and lose weight I was so unhappy and stressed by my extra pounds that I was willing to try pretty much anything. I counted points, grams of fat and calories, popped pills, exercised like a demon, ate only cabbage soup for days, and tried just about every tip or trick I could find in magazines.

Then one day a friend told me about hypnosis. I had high hopes that this magical method would solve all my problems, and skipped right off to the hypnotist’s office.

Alas… after just a few days I was eating emotionally again.

I was really bummed and swore off hypnosis forever until recently when a friend bet me that his hypnosis for weight loss program was different.

Although I don’t need to lose weight, I AM a busy woman and I DO sometimes get stressed, and I know that relaxation is one of the benefits of using hypnosis. From my years of experience coaching weight loss clients online, I’ve found that controlling stress is a key factor in shedding pounds and maintaining that loss.

So, with a big fat roll of my eyes, I agreed to give hypnosis another try.

BUT I decided to do something different this time: I decided to TAP while I listened to the audios to SUPERCHARGE the hypnotic suggestions.

In the days that followed, I noticed that my mood was lighter, my stress levels were way down and I felt really great for no apparent reason, other than the tapping/hypnosis practice I’d followed.

The suggestions in this program are very powerful! So powerful that I’ve decided to make neuro reconditioning part of my next Mastermind program as I believe a positive mental outlook is an absolute necessity for weight loss.

If you’d like to try hypnosis for weight loss, this is the program I recommend, check out all the glowing testimonials from successful people. I also recommend you TAP while listening to the audios.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


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