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I’m Learning Spanish

I’m still down here in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, living life to its fullest.

What the heck am I doing in Mexico? Check out my previous post here.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been mesmerized by people who speak different languages. As my friends and family will attest, I compensated for my shame around being a mono-linguist by dating foreigners most of my life.

My mother’s famous line is “How do I pronounce his name again? Alex-SAND-ro?”
“No Mom.. its Alessandro.”
“Oh Honey, why can’t you just date a nice American boy?”

Despite my deep desire to be multilingual and three long-term relationships with an Italian, a Russian and a Turk, English is still the only language I speak.

Living in Mexico has given me the perfect opportunity to realize a dream that I’ve had for a long time, I can learn Spanish and actually practice it! Each time I sat down to practice, however, I noticed resistance.

I would get distracted easily, or make excuses for not starting like “Well, I’ve got the Mastermind Program, my business is growing so fast, my inbox is overflowing, I certainly don’t have time to learn Spanish as well! I’ll do it later, when I’m more relaxed, when I have more time.”

I was having dinner with my new love interest who is Mexican (big surprise, I know), when he looked at me and said “Baby, either my English needs to get better or you need to learn Spanish”. Flustered and angry with myself for not ALREADY being fluent (I am superwoman you know) I replied “of course I’m going to learn Spanish, Babe. I promise”. He smiled and explained that he wants me to feel like a part of his community and although everyone speaks English we are, after all, in Mexico.

OK, I’ve committed….shit, now what? I decided I needed to get to the bottom of my block about learning Spanish right away. So, I sat down and asked myself a question that I frequently ask my clients. I imagined myself learning Spanish, noticed resistance and my whole body tensing, then I asked myself “What are you doing to have this problem?”

I was immediately transported back to 7th grade Spanish class when my teacher was explaining that she was Mexican. I raised my hand in class and innocently said “but you don’t look Mexican?” My teacher had blonde hair and a pale complexion like me. Growing up in California, I was not used to seeing light-skinned Mexicans who are referred to as “güero/as” in Mexico.

My teacher snapped back at my question by saying “and you don’t look stupid!” The whole class turned to look at me and laughed. I remained frozen and confused until my friend leaned over and explained why everyone was laughing. “She’s Mexican, and she’s calling you stupid.”

One guess what my Spanish grade was that semester. Capital F.

I had found the source of my problem and it was a specific memory that had been buried for twenty years! Every time I thought about speaking Spanish, my 7th grade teacher popped into my mind and called me stupid. No wonder I’ve had this block!

So, like all good tappers, I tapped away all my resistance, and have committed to practicing my Spanish for 30 minutes every day using Pimsleur Language audios.

My challenge to you is this: where in your life are you holding yourself back? What are you doing in your mind to experience resistance?

Here is an exercise to help:

Think about something you would like to achieve
1. Imagine yourself doing it
2. Allow yourself to feel your resistance (you will have some otherwise you’d already be doing it)
3. Ask yourself this question- what am I doing to have this resistance?
4. Just relax and notice what you see in your minds eye. You might see a quick picture, or a short movie, or you might have a felt sense and just know what it is.
5. Once you notice what is holding you back, tap the blocks away just by feeling the resistance in your body. You dont have to say anything, just tap through the points until you notice your body relax.

Once you tap away the blocks, make a commitment to step into exactly what you have been resisting. Each time you feel resistance just stop, tap, and take another step forward.

I’m learning Spanish, what are you going to do? Leave me a comment in the box below and let me know!




  1. Tonya

    Wow Britt, GREAT post! I have been wanting to learn Spanish also, living and working in Albuquerque, NM it’s really necessary. Also I visit Mexico and would love to fluently converse with the natives. Not certain what my stop/block is, but thanks to your post I now have something to look for. I’m excited. Tonya

    • brittwatkins

      Awesome Tonya, so happy to help. :-)

  2. Susana

    Hi Brittany, I’m Spanish from Spain and I pray for you to learn so quiclky, spanish people need your newsletter, online workshop or coaching service ¡In SPANISH!

    • brittwatkins

      We have a few things happening over here…. Skinny Genes en español coming soon! :-)

  3. Patricia

    I am also struggling to learn Spanish and clarinet for some years now. Thanks for the idea to tap away my resistance and look forward to be more advanced by December 2013. I will keep reading your Blog to compare progress.
    Blessings Patricia

  4. Jose Angel
    Jose Angel02-07-2013

    Hi Britt
    Asi que estas aprendiendo español bueno para ti,te felicito siempre hay que estar aprendiendo algo nuevo para ejercitar el cerebro,mira te cuento visita mi web site
    y dime que te parecen nuestras pinturas realmente son novedosas estamos en Ucrania y apenas comenzamos a abrir el mercado latino,espero tus comentarios,bye now

    • brittwatkins

      Thanks Jose! I hope to replay in spanish soon! :-)

  5. Marge

    Hi Britt,

    Congratulations on learning Spanish and passing that block! Maybe as you learn you can expand reaching out to help more people!

    I took 3 years of Spanish in high school (sometimes feeling really really stupid compared to the kids in Advanced Placement Spanish 3rd year). I was lucky since the teacher was very supportive my having jumped into AP, because my mother forced me to do it to learn yet another language. being form Europe, and honoring different languages. Not happy to study anything as a teen. Now as an adult I like to use Spanish in any way possible. I hope I’m not screwing it up though, when I speak, remembering just a bit of it. I live in a Mexican neighborhood, best friend is of Mexican heritage. l have easy access to the Nation Museum of Mexican Art, too, way cool! Hmmm, dawn of light, maybe I can learn more Spanish!

    I plan to stay as healthy possible, and continue building skills and training as a counselor/ psychotherapist, going to a training Saturday, expanding my services to include coaching too. I also want to get back to making more art. My husband laughed when I tried to teach him tapping. This morning he asked me how I stay so cheerful. I told him I can again show him how to tap! Muchas gracias.

    • brittwatkins

      Marge I love you positivity and zest for life! So great to have you in class! De Nada :-)

  6. Leslie

    Congrats Brittany ! I am all things tech /writing challenged.
    This has stopped me from completing my website and growing
    My buisness . I just bought a new Mac and signed up for one
    to one lessons ( weekly). I also commit to half an hour a day to working on
    my website until its complete yay!!!! Leslie V.

    • brittwatkins

      Great job leslie! You will be such an amazing coach! Keep at it! I wish I would have done this technique when creating my first website… It would have taken 1/3rd of the time! :-)

  7. Alice

    I have 2 that I’m going to try and work on one is reading/studying for exam at work. Never was a great student grade wise, not sure why but do remember being made to do oral reports in 5th grade (first yr at new school) and being scared to death. Next was in 9th grade being made by counselor to take Algebra after acing 8th advanced math. My teacher automatically picked out the top 5-6 students in class and catered to them, the rest left out. Needless to say to after my 1st semester grade of a D my learning declined and went to h### and the rest of what little confidence I had. Put back in 9th grade math as a sophomore but aced it. Possibly why I never wanted to go to college I was afraid of failing. So I’m not really sure where to look unless the 5th grade humiliation is my starting point then coming to 9th grade? Next would be my weight and that started of course with perimenopause. My chiropractor told me to have my thyroid checked, doctor said it was ok but to come back 4-6 mos. I went back beginning of 5th mo. and he just said well not problem here even though i had gained yet another 10 pounds in those 4 mos. He just looked at me and said it’s age…’s going to happen, can’t do anything about it. I’ve never been fat except as a newborn so I don’t know where else that this could have happen but do know that i have some type of block because i have tried every diet plan out there..literally….my own plan and i go to a gym. Busy and on the go constantly I’ve been gaining steadily for almost 7 years and have gained up to 65 pounds. Somehow this past year i managed to lose 13 and kept it off. Now it’s trying to get past that point and i’m stuck. If you have any suggestions for either of these situations, they would be greatly appreciated. Will give the workout a try and see what happens. Thanks

    • brittwatkins

      Hi Alice! Thanks for the post! Sounds like you have a lot of junk from the past still effecting you in the present. The best way to clear those blocks is to re-live the experience and tap away all the anxiety you feel. This is the basis of the work we do in my programs, stay tunned for info on the next class. Sounds like you would benefit greatly. :-) Love and hugs

  8. Susan

    Hi Brittany!
    I’m not sure I understand the question..”What am I doing to have this resistence?” I am not sure what I am doing to have it….I have it because of fear….but I don’t want to have it anymore!! I want to be thin and let go of the food addiction, but something seems to pop up each time I make some progress. I have the resistence, which makes me want to binge at times, but I don’t know what I am doing to HAVE the resistence.

    • brittwatkins

      what are you seeing in your minds eye when you think about the problem? What does this problem remind you of?

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