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Louise McCleve

Louise McCleve

Louise has practiced The Emotional Freedom Technique for many years on herself and has experienced the healing benefits of EFT in all areas of her life. Now, as a certified Tapping For Weight Loss Coach, she has watched EFT help her clients shed unwanted pounds and emotional burdens. Louise works as a Corporate Wellness consultant where she teaches success principles and healthy social skills for the workplace. In 2014, Louise became a certified Foot Zone Therapist, and has been working with clients since that time to help them achieve spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental wellness. One of Louise's greatest strengths is her ability to connect with others on an emotional level and gain a deep understanding of what they are feeling. She uses that innate gift in her healing practice to help her clients release toxic emotions and move towards brighter expanses.

Joyce Misinec

Joyce Misinec

Joyce Misinec has a passion to help others, and now a few “chapters” into her life of learning and coaching, focuses on helping women who are getting jaded about how the world works and the personal price it takes. Joyce did all the right things to succeed in a corporate career and even though she achieved much of what people would consider success, she ended up battling weight gain while feeling pressure to conform to someone else’s standard. She now works with women who are perplexed with why they are successful in so many parts of their lives, but devastated that emotional eating overshadows their accomplishments and personal satisfaction. She learned from Brittany Watkins what tools and processes can quickly address the emotional eating and enable healing and weight loss. Joyce has a track record of being a successful coach who is wholistic, compassionate, and helps get people where they want to go. Her contact info: [email protected] or at [email protected]

Sarah Speers

Sarah Speers

Sarah Speers has a M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy from The University of San Diego and a B.A. in psychology from Syracuse University. She is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, certified life coach and personal trainer who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, weight loss, obesity, mental health and relationship issues.

Sarah has a wealth of professional and personal experience in the realm of eating and weight psychology. She developed and directed an intensive day treatment program for binge eating disorder at UCSD's Center for Healthy Eating and Activity Research (CHEAR), worked with individuals struggling with eating disorders at a private practice in San Diego, and was a researcher at Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. Sarah has over 8 years experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and health coach. Through this work, she realized the power of the mind-body connection and how imperative it is to address the psychological factors affecting one’s relationship with food, eating and their body in order to successfully improve one’s health and happiness.

Sarah has worked with hundreds of people to help them strengthen their mind and bodies. Her passion to help other’s heal comes from her own struggle with her body, eating and food. Sarah suffered from anorexia and bulimia for over 5 years. Through her difficult recovery process, she became motivated to turn her pain into purpose and committed to help others suffering with eating and weight issues so that they could heal the same as she had. Thus, Sarah has a unique understanding of how one’s mental and emotional well-being directly affects one’s physical well-being. She also knows that it is possible to improve one’s relationship with food and their body, no matter how bad it may seem, because she’s been there! Given her personal experience with recovering from an eating disorder and her extensive training and background in eating disorder therapy, Sarah offers a unique perspective and approach to treatment. Now as a Tapping for Weight Loss Coach, she is even more equipped with the most effective tools and techniques to successfully help you heal and achieve your goals.


Ashley Hoseney

How long have you been struggling with your relationship with food and your weight? Ashley Hoseney is an emotional eating expert who learned to stop the yo-yo dieting cycle and love her body after 15 years of disordered eating. But she used to be just like you. She was depressed with her body, her relationship with food, and her life. She was never able to stick to a diet and would constantly turn to food when she was stressed or upset. She couldn’t control herself around food. Like she was on autopilot. Often times her eating habits were hidden from other people, waiting until she was home alone to raid the kitchen. Then when she felt disgusted afterwards, feelings of shame and depression would creep in. Thoughts of how she just “ruined” her entire day would consume her. She would try to overcompensate with her workouts and diet the next day. After trying every diet and approach she could think of with no success, she was exhausted and hopeless.On some level she knew she had deeper issues that made her turn to food, but was ignoring them. Finally coming upon EFT and Brittany’s techniques, she used it to start healing, and an amazing thing happened... she stopped turning to food and started to love her body as it was! She felt sexy and confident. Her husband even noticed how happy she was, and her marriage got better! She started the business she always wanted and lives the life of her dreams.After seeing the power of this technique, she became a certified tapping coach so she could share her knowledge with women like you. If you’re ready to finally stop the cycle of binging and self hate, she’s here to walk beside you on your journey! The sexy, confident you is in there, and she’s just waiting to come out!


Collete Schildkraut

Collette’s relationship with food has always been a struggle, from her teens to adulthood. She had a very poor body image and ran the gammit from not eating to binge eating. Throughout the years Collette has probably tried every diet out there. It’s exhausting and soul crushing, as I’m sure many of you would agree. Being thrilled at losing weight to have it just creep back on again.

Collette has been on a spiritual journey for many years, from learning Massage Therapy, to acupressure, various energy modalities including Reiki and Quantum Touch and of course tapping.

She is so happy to have discovered Brittany’s weight loss Tapping techniques. Collette feels this is the elusive key to weight loss. She has finally figured it out and wants to help others figure it out once and for all. Breaking the dreaded diet cycle, they don’t work anyway!


Lucy Still

Lucy Still is passionate about helping women become their true intuitive selves, unencumbered by the eating 'prison' that holds them back. Her interest stemmed from a personal search for answers to her own desire to overcome overeating. After a considerable amount of trial and error, not to mention years, she is now at the end of the healing path having found Brittany's work.

Lucy believes that the unseen force that has us reaching for food when we are not hungry is driven by the subconscious and therefore working to release negative inner beliefs is very much the key for clearing the triggers that keep the habit going. This is the only work that truly tackles the connection between over eating and sexual/emotional abuse, nothing else is brave enough to go deeper. If you are affected by these issues, this work significantly decreases the fears associated with the impact of such memories, that once free of them, can release the need to use food.

The journey towards recovering from overeating can be a messy one but with patience, compassionate and a sense of trust, the outcomes are not only transformational but life lasting too.

If you have felt trapped or like your mind and body have been in a constant battle for as long as you can remember and finally want to break free, then check out her website: and contact Lucy for a no obligation chat. She works online one to one with clients internationally and runs weekly drop in groups as well as retreats and VIP days in the UK.


Luisa Bruzga

Luisa Bruzga has helped thousands of women over the past 20 years, both privately and in groups, giving them the support necessary for healthy weight reduction and promoting a positive outlook. She provides a comprehensive weight reduction program for women: addressing and releasing emotional and psychological blocks to weight loss, incorporating optimum nutritional needs, developing body confidence and positive focus. She brings a compassionate and understanding style to her coaching sessions taking time to listen to concerns and honing in on the core issues resulting in rapid changes. Luisa has a vast knowledge base and extensive experience in the field of mental, emotional and physical well being. Her specialized skills and talents are incorporated into every session utilizing various techniques to effect change. She is a Certified Hypnotist & Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Luisa has also been trained in Neurolinguistic Program (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Rapid Emotional Release and Empowerment (RERE) and is a Brittany Watkins Method Weight Loss Coach. She earned a Master's Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition and has trained as a health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Luisa also has certifications in Energy Medicine - Reiki/Karuna Master Practitioner/Instructor and Quantum Touch as well as a Licensed NYS Aesthetician. Please call (716) 677-4679 or email me at [email protected] You may also visit my website at


Laurie Carr

Laurie has always enjoyed both holistic health and helping others. Laurie struggled with weight gain and other issues that came with the symptoms of early-menopause On her own journey Laurie discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques and later Brittany Watkins Coaching Program. When she applied what she learned from the coaching program to her own life life she discovered it not only helped her become more mindful, light and free ;she found herself less irritated at everything. It has also transformed her relationship with food in a good healthy, happy way. She no longer fights with food but instead works with her cravings and emotional eating when it arises. Another benefit with applying the program, is the realization that it was now okay to let go of material items that were weighing her down. In order to move forward she was able to let go of the things that were no longer important to her. If you're ready to stop doing the same thing over and over and want a change Laurie can get you started on the right path. As a Chartered Herbalist, Certified Health and Nutrition Counsellor, Certified Brittany Watkins Weight Loss Coach , and Energy Healing Master she will set up a personalized program for you. Now is the time to set foot on the path that will take you to the life you truly want. You can contact her at [email protected]


Jennie Siering

Jennie has transformed her life (and her relationship with food) through EFT and Brittany's amazing techniques. Having dieted for nearly 15 years, trying almost every plan under the sun, it's incredible to now be able to easily say, "no" to the chocolate and pizza (and really not even want it) or to actually look forward to working out! She has 5 years of EFT experience and has already helped many people easily release their old eating patterns. Jennie would love to meet you through a free introductory session to learn how she can help you reach your goals. Contact her at: [email protected] to set up your appointment.


Terran Leigh Trosclair

Terran started from a place of unawareness around her food and body image struggles. She resisted working on this area of her life in a major way because it was hard and uncomfortable to face. Finally, it was time when she chose to start using EFT to become more balanced around food, weight, her body and her health. It was a journey of multiple layers and took a whole lot of persistence but she finally came to a place where she understood the behind-the-scenes workings of her mind in relation to food and body image. Now she works with clients to help them tap through their own food and weight struggles to freedom. She loves diving in with clients to find exactly what key areas need the most focus. Everyone's weight story is different and half the fun is discovering where to start! Reach out to her for private sessions: [email protected] or call 337-257-4784. Learn more about her journey by visiting!


Pam Nyden

Pam helps women who are struggling with emotional eating and bingeing. She will show you how to finally conquer the pain of compulsive overeating and then beating yourself up afterwards while vowing never to do it again, only to continue repeating this cycle. Pam gives you the tools and support to finally change your relationship with food forever, without traditionally dieting! She uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) commonly called "tapping" along with the Watkin's Method, which actually helps to discover and heal the reasons behind this pattern. You will actually be "rewiring your brain" so that you will no longer crave the foods that previously ruled your life. Pam's passion for helping others with this issue, stems from her own journey of struggling with food and weight problems since adolescence. Years of unhealthy yo-yo dieting had her trying everything, only to lose some weight, but always gaining it back plus more. She began giving up hope until learning the Watkin's Method. Not only has she lost weight, but food is no longer the obsession it was for most of her life, especially the night-eating syndrome. Pam is committed to sharing these tools with everyone who is suffering and feels hopeless. You too can have true freedom from the bondage of food and the ability to have a healthy body image at any size. Pamela Nyden Certified EFT Practitioner Certified Life Coach Member of the Newtown Tapping for Trauma Relief Project Pam does private sessions by phone or Skype [email protected] 203-258-4100


Vikki Borissow

Vikki lives in AUSTRALIA. She's a Certified EFT & Watkins Method practitioner, and is also trained in Matrix Re-imprinting. She's an avid student of Energy Psychology, as well as Health and Nutrition. Vikki is one of Brittany Watkins' program coaches, and she also has her own private practice, consulting with clients from all over the world, either in person or via Skype. Being able to explain alternative weight loss methods, in a way that's easy to understand, and even easier to fit into a busy lifestyle, is Vikki's expertise. She's an absolute wealth of knowledge, and loves to coach and teach. Vikki can help you get off the Diet-Crave-Binge roller-coaster, get slim naturally, and stay that way! She'll inspire you to engage with your emotions, connect with your soul, and inject energy and passion into everything you do. For a free consultation contact: w: e: moremojo[email protected] fb:"


Ana Hinds

Anna's lifelong quest has been experientially discover what true health actually means. She is a Health Coach, certified with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Yoga Instructor, EFT Practitioner and Theophostic Facilitator. She has combined these modalities to create the program and philosophy, "Identity-Based Nutrition" - which is an intriguing new approach to health, working with the underlying reasons people find themselves blocked from being able to move forward with their health despite their best efforts. Using a mind-body approach, she specifically works with inner self-beliefs that cause emotional cravings, food cravings, self-sabotage, resistance to moving forward, helping people learn the language of the body and using Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Movement to gain lasting results. Contact Anna Hinds at [email protected] or call 806-632-1464.


Fabiana Makon

Fabiana Makon is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach who specializes in Emotional Eating and Body Image. She is a Brittany Watkins Method Coach, Holistic Nutritional Therapist, motivational speaker and workshop leader. Having suffered from eating disorders, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, overeating, the pressure to "be perfect", and uncontrollable food cravings for 20 years, she truly understands the struggle faced by those who endure a love-hate relationship with food and their bodies. "I turned to food whenever I was sad, tired, bored, angry, lonely,...I used food for comfort, distraction, stress relief, or as a reward." "I discovered that it was never about the food, it was about my relationship with myself." Fabiana brings a unique approach to healing emotional eating, incorporating powerful tools and protocols of Modern Psychology, Mind-Body Nutrition, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). She teaches people how to apply techniques to eliminate binging, food cravings, and self-sabotage. She brings compassion, understanding, authenticity, fun and humor to her coaching. Fabiana works with women who want to feel comfortable in their bodies and confident in their lives! Fabiana's mission is to help women transform their lives finding freedom from emotional eating, ending the struggle with food and their bodies, and stop waiting until they lose weight to create the life they want. "I'm passionate about helping you live your life with more ease, purpose, passion, freedom and fulfillment." HABLO ESPANOL Y OFREZCO MIS SERVICIOS A TRAVES DE SKYPE Y CURSOS ONLINE A TODAS LAS MUJERES HISPANAS QUE QUIERAN LIBERARSE DEL COMER EMOCIONAL Y EMPEZAR A VIVIR DESDE HOY MISMO UNA VIDA LLENA DE PLACER Y ALEGRIA; CONTACTAME. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] Visit"


Veronica Bouveng

Veronica grew up in Sweden but has called Sydney, Australia home since 2006. She had struggled with her weight for as long as she can remember and has tried practically every diet there is without successfully keeping the weight off permanently. It wasn't until she took Britt's program along with making some lifestyle changes that she's managed to keep the weight off. Veronica is a transformative coach and the owner of Dare to be U - Take your life to a whole new level! By tapping into your innate wisdom and heal your emotional blocks, you will automatically get more in tune with yourself and from there on you can create anything you want in life! Veronica is apart from Brittany Watkins certified coach, AAMET EFT Level II certified, Reiki Master practitioner, the 3 Principles Supercoach Academy student and has over 20 years of extensive experience from the airline industry. Please visit or email [email protected] to find out more!


Claire Doig

Claire lives in New Zealand with her husband and two boys. She is a health and wellness coach using massage, homeopathy and EFT to help women overcome the overwhelm they often feel in their busy lives and transform their relationship with food, body image, self confidence and comfort in our own skin. Claire sees local, national and international clients face-to-face and using the wonders of technology. Claire has a BSc degree from Edinburgh University in Scotland, a post graduate diploma in Marketing and is also a qualified massage therapist, homeopath and EFT practitioner. Claire's own journey to overcome blocks in her own life and in particular her very messy relationship with food led her to train in The Brittany Watkins Method which transformed her life, her mind and her body. She walks the walk every day to keep the overwhelm at bay and just loves having the opportunity to share what she has learned with others.


Jill Giddings

Having struggled since early childhood with emotional and compulsive eating to mange pain and stress levels, Jill grew up heavily misdirected and strongly conditioned to eat for all of the wrong reasons and way past her normal hunger signals. She wasn't allowed to feel her feelings, fears, anguish and discouragement in life. So she began an overeating lifestyle as a habitual way of coping and was especially drawn to sugar and carbs which packed on the weight. She became very destructive as a child and acted out pretty regularly but was too sharp and witty to get caught for her mischievious ways... Although it showed up on her body in a big way. She began working on self esteem and childhood issues in her 20's and knew something wasn't right since junior high school. She found exercise and fitness early in life, and it has been an integral part of her ongoing recovery. The emotional aspect of healing has been continuous, profound and intense over the years. She has had many stunning mentors and physicians assist in her education with insights along the way. It has been an incredible journey of self discovery and liberation. She has been doing alot of intensive introspective soul searching for decades and has found an abundance of tools that have contributed to her present state of balance in life. She is passionate about helping women discover their true authentic self. When she discovered EFT several years ago, she then put it all together upon getting involved in Brittany's training program. Now she is more at peace and has maintained a healthy, stable body weight since embarking on Brittany Watkins certification program feeling liberated to know that we dont have to be living half a life due to the reality that we have been conditioned by our upbringing, parents, peers etc to believe things about ourselves, our value and our worth that are just flat out not true! I am passionate about helping others to break free from this type of stronghold, embrace self love, respect and peace through life coaching techniques and EFT . And get truly healthy and happy! I am extremely excited about coaching and assisting others to break the chains that bind them, and help my clients to achieve lifelong freedom, health and vitality! It is a work in progress, a fabulous mountain climb! There truly is hope! Email her at [email protected]


Makayla McDonald

Bachelors in Yoga, Somatic Psychology & Environmental Sciences, NLP, EFT Creating peace and ease with your body and with food is Makayla's sweet spot. She has a deep love for the body, for food, and for the people who come to this work. Emotional eating, and feeling unhealthy in your body can feel like it's so much bigger than you; it consumes and colors your life in a profoundly painful way. This work has brought her such peace: deep, euphoric, full-body-love kind of peace. She loves to dig deep, and maintain the lightness and playfulness of knowing that you are so much bigger than this process. It doesn't have to be miserable, it can be hard and uncomfortable, but it is so deeply important to emphasize pleasure all throughout the journey. By incorporating somatic (body-awareness and movement) processes she helps you to fully embody and integrate this work. Together you'll pin-point past experiences that have led to patterns of negative behavior and limiting beliefs, and heal them once and for all. Check out her website or email her directly to schedule a complimentary discovery session now to get some insight into where your main blocks are to weight loss and freedom from emotional eating, and to see if we're a fit to play and work together! Visit or email [email protected]


Liz Rucker

Liz is passionate about tapping, and passionate about helping clients to embrace their potential and rid themselves of the limiting beliefs and self-judgment that have blocked them. After years of dieting, depriving, bingeing and gaining, Liz is ready to help you enjoy what you eat, tear up the good food/bad food list and see your true self in the mirror! To learn more about Liz's journey, check out her website or email her at [email protected]


Kremser Margarete

All her life Meg struggled with her weight and body image. She tried lots of diets and methods but the weight always came back. Along her journey she found out that EFT is an easy and fast way to overcome her problems and mental blocks causing her struggles with weight. She is an energetic coach, Scenar practitioner, ADHS coach, advanced Australian Bush flower practitioner, sound bowls practitioner, has a diploma in informational medicine, and is an EFT practitioner since many years ago. She specializes in helping other busy businesswomen and mothers to lose weight, keep it off forever, feeling strong, energized, healthy and happy. All her early life she believed that healthy food can't also taste yummy. As a wife, mother of three kids and a businesswoman, time is crucial for her. To ensure the whole family would always eat properly and have appropriate nourishment, she had to change her traditional cooking style to meet more modern and changing demands. Therefore, she has been spending a lot of time, and still is, working to create recipes for healthy and delicious meals, snacks, buns and desserts. She stated once, "Ever since I started cooking my own recipes, I have never been hungry again - no deprivation, yet eating as much as (or even more) than ever per day and still losing weight!" She devotes her life to passing on all of her knowledge and to helping other busy women end their struggle with losing weight in an easily manageable and joyful way. She works with people all over the world in English and German. She currently resides in Vienna, again. To contact her and find out more about Meg, call her at +43 0664 90 21 756.


Ruthi Cohen-Joyner

Imagine releasing your emotional weight (which gently leads to releasing your physical weight) with loving guidance and support. Now imagine going even deeper and stepping into your authentic self, your personal power, passion and purpose in life. All this and more is what working with Ruthi Cohen-Joyner can lead to. Cohen-Joyner spent many years looking for a weight loss solution for herself and others and finally found answers to her own emotional eating when she found EFT and took Brittany Watkins' classes in 2012. Through her personal journey and subsequent loss of over forty pounds, she has learned many tools and techniques that she has found to be empowering for herself and others on the road to being naturally thin and fulfilled. Cohen-Joyner is a certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and currently works as a private coach for Brittany Watkins' personal clients in addition to her own private practice.


Mallory Hainey

Mallory LOVES facilitating people like you as you create new food fate! She combines Brittany Watkins tools, with her own genius, and your awareness so a totally different reality with food and your body can be created. She has completely transformed her relationship with out of control eating and hating her body, as well as assisted clients all over the world to have more joy, more ease, less judgment and greater possibilities with food and bodies. Mallory is currently available for private sessions. If you are interested in playing, c'mon over and introduce yourself! >>>


Katrina Rader

First of all, Katrina is a self-help junkie. It's been quite the twisty-turvy journey for her and she loves sharing what she has learned along the way with others. Katrina has found EFT to be one of the easiest and fastest healing modalities. She loves it and the changes it has brought about in all aspects of her life.


Leslie Vellios

Leslie Vellios has worked for over 25 years as a licensed clinical social worker in mental health clinics, schools and private practice. She began her journey in energy psychology over 15 years ago and has found that EFT is the most effective modality to deal with a myriad of issues. She has completed levels 1 and 2 as an EFT practitioner, is a certified Carol Look abundance coach and a Brittany Watkins-certified weight loss coach. Leslie works with women who, like she, have suffered from weight and emotional eating issues for decades. Having finally found freedom from this bondage, she looks forward to helping you become a happier and healthier you.


Maria Rippo

Maria is a 45-year-old mom of 4. She discovered natural health as a young 20-year-old who was totally exhausted, overweight and food-obsessed. Her journey towards health and overcoming her own emotional eating challenges led her to become a certified holistic lifestyle coach, holistic coach and EFT practitioner who specializes in assisting clients in overcoming challenging food issues leading to weight-loss and vibrant health through a balanced, individualized diet using metabolic typing, a health assessment to prioritize health concerns and decipher where to begin, stress reduction and emotional healing work. She has a BA from Oregon State University. Maria is also a certified Hypnotherapist utilizing hypnosis to overcome addictions, emotional eating, body image issues and weight loss. She is the creator of the The Green Smoothie Challenge ( and author of The Green Smoothie Challenge Companion. You can find out all about her at



Christine loves showing those who are struggling with late night cravings, overeating, and yo-yo dieting how to step into their power and feel completely in control around food so they can achieve their ideal body easily. Christine struggled with years of binge eating and yo-yo dieting and now is an expert in coaching people to get the same empowering results she's achieved. She uses a step-by-step process of energizing nutrition, EFT, and a variety of other mindset strategies to achieving their weight loss goals.

  • Some FUN FACTS about Christine:
  • She can get down! Part-time she's a hip hop dance instructor (for kids and adults).
  • A Boston girl! She enjoys living in the Boston area with her husband and her dog, Famous.
  • "Craving Buster" Workshops: She held several workshops and by the end of the class none of the attendees even want to look at or smell their favorite, craving treat.

Julia Stewart

Having dealt with eating issues since age 12, Julia began with classical therapy. Unfortunately, that didn't do much for her. In 2008 she started on her self-help path and was introduced to EFT. Since then, she has done lots of work on herself and others. She loves to work with people and help them through their tough times. She speaks German and English and can do EFT in both languages.


Nikki Larsen

Nikki Larsen is an EFT practitioner, ballroom dance instructor, and Brittany Watkins-certified coach, having completed Level 1 and 2 with EFT Universe, Carol Tuttle Energy Healing, Matrix Re-imprinting, and the Brittany Watkins Advanced Emotional Eating Mastermind. Nikki helps disorganized, downtrodden, disheartened, and overwhelmed individuals find their time-stealers, get control of their lives, homes, and workplaces and lose physical as well as emotional weight. Nikki specializes in expertly ridding clients of emotional eating and reducing or eliminating stress-related negative emotional, psychological and physical issues. Nikki has studied coaching with the top personal and life coaches in the field. With her help, clients have regained control of their lives after long periods of compulsive emotional overeating and binging, substance abuse, and pornography. Nikki has personal experience with life stressors and emotional weight gain as well. The stress of losing her young disabled daughter, husband, and a special needs son all in a matter of years put the emotional pounds on, and Meridian Tapping allowed her to release it. As a long-time businesswoman, Nikki has served on two boards of directors and organized and conducted a bookseller's school for several hundred owners of independent bookstores. She understands first-hand how stress contributes to weight gain and sabotages weight loss. Nikki is currently very active in holding weekly "Tapping Circles", leading effective Teleseminars, and assisting clients one-on-one in her private coaching practice both face-to-face and via weekly telephone coaching sessions. She is available to speak to civic, business, and private groups and to participate in "joint-venture" collaborations. Please call (209) 602-8213 or email [email protected] to schedule a seminar, teleconference, and/or your complimentary session to experience EFT as a way of releasing and letting go of your weight and finally finding peace and serenity.


Krista Hurley

Krista is a Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, and AAMET certified EFT practitioner, and Educator whose goal is to facilitate healing and huge transformational changes in the lives of others. She specializes in clearing emotional and subconscious blocks to help people overcome their negative past experiences and limiting beliefs. Krista assists clients with stepping into a truthful existence, creating an and fulfilled life of love and joy! In addition to working with all aspects of trauma, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and fears. Krista excels in assisting people to overcome emotional eating and food addictions. This may include issues such as dieting, binging, purging, food cravings, self-sabotage, distorted body image, among others. She helps identify the emotions, experiences, and limiting beliefs that prevent permanent weight loss. When these blocks are identified and cleared, a positive relationship with food, self-image, and self-love can be established and a healthy weight can be easily maintained without the need of will power or dieting. Krista is passionate about teaching children how to incorporate EFT into their lives. She sees an immense value in providing kids with a life-long skill set to better handle the negative emotions and events that life throws at them to create their best selves. The ability to be able to clear negative issues as they arise, rather than years down the road (if ever), can have a significant life altering effect. To change the life of a child you love visit to purchase a "tapping doll" custom made to resemble a child in your life.. Krista graduated from the University of Western Ontario where she studied Kinesiology, Psychology, and Education. She is a loving mother to a four year old daughter. Visit Krista's website or contact her at [email protected]


Erica Gjersing

Erica is a coach who specializes in grief and emotional eating. Her mission is to guide others to release the painful blocks holding them back from a life of freedom, ease, and joy. Employing a powerful combination of visualization and Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping, this work is truly transformational. Having struggled for over 20 years with grief, emotional eating, binge drinking, and smoking, Erica has seen the healing power of EFT in her own life countless times. Erica has a PhD in Chemical Engineering, spent over 12 years in the scientific research community, and authored over 30 scientific journal articles. Visit her website at or email [email protected]


Suzanne K. DeCann

Suzanne is committed to taking the "crazy" out of the relationship to food, diet and exercise. Having spent the majority of her life overweight and then morbidly obese, she made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery in 2003 which ultimately led to a 153-pound weight loss. Her resulting "normal-sized" body, however, did not end the vicious, emotionally-charged love/hate relationship she had with food, dieting and body image. While working on her weight loss and trying to find her path, she received a marketing degree from Clayton College & State University and her MBA in general business from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She realized what she really wanted to do was work with people in a much more hands-on, healing manner. She attended massage school at the Atlanta School of Massage in 2005 and graduated with certifications in spa & wellness massage and reflexology. She is a nationally certified massage therapist holding advanced certifications in reflexology and is an Usui Reiki Master. She discovered EFT and found it to be a gentle, effective and powerful ally in dealing with the extensive emotional issues surrounding food, dieting and body image. She wants to share what she has learned to help others on their path to healing and self-love. Suzanne practices what she preaches, as she enjoys weekly massage, reflexology and energy treatments and is continually working with EFT to heal her emotionally-charged relationship with diet and exercise.


Lindy Cacioppo

Lindy is an AAMET-certified and Brittany Watkins-certified EFT practitioner. Her specialty is utilizing creative EFT to facilitate the release of trauma and connect to Source in powerful ways that enhance intuition and self-trust. She works with those looking to optimize their physical and emotional health by releasing resistance and transforming their lives to bring joy and laughter to each day. Her lifelong studies and intuitive knowing of how our expression in the Universe works on an energetic level began in her teens and are reflected in her EFT practice. She received her BA in Creative Studies from Hofstra University and is trained in the Spontaneous Painting form of Art Therapy taught by Dr Susan Bello. She began her EFT studies with Gary Craig in 2008 and continues to expand her expertise. She enjoys a career as an EFT Practitioner and writer. She offers private and group sessions via Skype and phone, or in person if you are local to Long Island, NY.


Elizabeth Brousseau

Elizabeth is a CHEK certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and EFT Practitioner. She specializes in nutrition coaching, emotional eating, and breaking through the subconscious blocks that keep you from following through with your wellness goals. As someone who grew up with weight and body image issues, she knows what it's like to face the difficulties that come with pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Through her own weight loss of over 70 lbs, she's dealt with the daily struggle of trying to stay motivated and subsequently beating herself up when she fell off the wagon. She has done the work so that she can coach others to stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting and make a sustainable and effective lifestyle change, once and for all. Elizabeth's sessions are 60 minutes long and are primarily held over phone or Skype. She find's that this method is highly effective for working together.


Joella Bower

Joella Bower is a certified Martha Beck life coach, Level 1 & 2 EFT practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Brittany Watkins-certified weight loss coach. She works with amazingly intelligent women who are successful in all other areas of their lives but just can't seem to get the weight off or keep it off. She specializes in clients with emotional eating issues. To contact her, go to her website or email her at [email protected] Please feel free to set up a Complimentary Discovery Chat to discuss how she can assist you in reaching your permanent weight loss goals!


Sariel Beckenstein

Sariel Beckenstein is a life and relationship coach. His passion has always been writing, performing, and helping others achieve their goals in life. Sariel's desire to transmit what he knows stems primarily from his study of: Rubenfeld Synergy, a convergence of Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques and Gestalt therapy; Imago therapy relationship coaching; Return to Self with Cena Russell; Landmark Education's Curriculum for Living,Communication Access to Power,Team Management and Leadership Program and the Wisdom Course. Sariel is a certified Law of Attraction trainer and EFT practitioner. Sariel was born in Israel and has lived in London, Cape Town, Johannesburg and New York City. He recently relocated to Denver, where he lives with his husband of 16 years.