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Category Archive for: ‘Goal Setting’

  • Jimmy Davis

    How a chance meeting with Brittany Watkins changed my life, part 1

    Hey there.  Jimmy Davis here.  If you don’t know me, I’m Brittany’s business partner. Today I want to tell you my story of how I became the biggest fan in the world of Brittany Watkins.   I met Brittany about 4 years ago.  Little did I know …

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  • FSFrameGIFImage

    How to STOP feeling like shit- when you feel like shit. ???

    How to STOP feeling like shit- when you feel like shit. ??? After all the work I’ve done on myself, I still use food as a way to get happy… but not in the way you think… ??? I woke up this morning grumpy. I’ve …

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  • EFT Tapping For Weight Loss Helping Tough Clients QA

    EFT/Tapping for Weight Loss- Helping Difficult Clients Q&A

    In this Q&A I help another coach with her most difficult clients. Do you or your clients use these excuses when it comes to diet and exercise? Nothing will ever work for me I want to lose weight, but I can’t find the motivation to …

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  • Screen Shot 2017 04 07 At 15.35.24

    How To Stop Compulsive Overeating – Hint, You Might be Bored

    Hi, this it Brittany Watkins and I am so passionate about helping women stop binge eating because I struggled with this problem for over 15 years. I’ve been completely binge free for five years now thanks to some unique methods I discovered that enabled me …

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  • How to Set Goals for 2017

    How to Set Goals for 2017

    Hi There! I recently got together with some girlfriends to plan for 2017.I found a very unique strategy from an article I read on and was blown away with the results. I had a ton of aha moments by going through this process and …

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  • Reward Yourself1 E1382614531980

    I’ve just been evicted!

    A few weeks ago I came home to my apartment in San Francisco to find an eviction notice posted on my front door. It turned out that the master tenant (from whom I was renting) had stopped paying her rent. A few days prior I …

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