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A (very weird) way to stop binge eating

In the last year, one of the things I’ve focused on is balancing the masculine and feminine energies of my body.

I haven’t talked about this much, mostly because I still feel like such a beginner with it.

But I want to share a new technique with you that has MASSIVELY helped me.

A few years ago, I realized my masculine energy was overruling my feminine energy.

When this happens in women, usually their careers are awesome, but their relationships suffer, they feel stressed out and overwhelmed a lot- kind of blah about life.

This is how I was feeling about my life when I got to the point where I HAD to make a change.

So along with my man free diet and love detox which were the focus of my growth last year, I also focused on learning how to switch my body from running primarily from the masculine, too feminine (most of the time).

I found a great teacher, Blaire Lindsay, who I met at my 2017 new years eve party in Playa del Carmen. She’s amazing and has lots of great tips and inspiring posts on Instagram, you can follow her here.

One of the lessons she taught me was to move stressful feelings through my body, rather than hold onto them.

We do this in tapping, but this technique injects a bit more fun into my routine :-)

So, I’ve added this to the end of my tapping routines, and I LOVE how I feel afterward…

I use it when I’m feeling blah, stressed out, I don’t want to tackle my to-do list or if my day has lost its magic.

Most of the time I tap first and then do this new technique (that I’m about to teach you)

Side note: if you’re on the verge of tears or so overwhelmed you can’t think straight; you need tapping first my dear, so please don’t use this instead of tapping, look at it as another tool for your box. :-)

Here’s the technique:

Put on your favorite song and dance your booty off.

Yep, that’s it. :-)

In this video you’ll see me doing a lot of hip circles, (that’s sort of how I dance anyway), but the importance of hip circles is that it draws your attention to the 2nd chakra, which is an epicenter of feminine energy! Most women have almost ZERO awareness of their womb space which is where your feminine power lives.

P.S. I never thought in a million years I’d share this type of video with you, but I know it will really help you, so I’m pushing through my embarrassment to show you how I do it!

While you’re dancing, feel your lower belly or your womb space.

If you can’t feel it, put your hand below your belly button, and above your pubic bone, that’s the 2nd chakra spot. Sometimes I do that to start to bring my attention to that spot first, and then I let go and dance.

The point is, just have fun and let go. As you dance, make sure your attention is in your body, rather than your head.

This is the important part!

Pick some music you love; I love music with a lot of base… I can feel my body come alive and excited when I hear the deep sounds of the base.

But that’s me, find what works for you…

I also like sexy latin music. This song called Downtown by Anita covers all those bases for me.

I’ll get sick of this song soon and pick another one. The point here is to feeeel your body as you do this if you’re in your head about what you look like or how you’re doing it’s not going to work.

So whenever you’re stressed, feel blah, or find yourself going to the kitchen to look for something to eat, try this instead.

Do it for as long as you need. Sometimes I hit repeat three times before I’ve entirely shifted my energy.

I hope you find this as useful as I did :-)



P.S. If you’d like daily inspiration about using tapping in your everyday life, having a better body image, or if you want to know what I eat, the supplements I take and the life hack experiments I get into daily, you can follow me on Instagram here. :-)

A (very weird) way to stop binge eating

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  1. Corinne

    Don’t be embarrassed. You help so many!

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