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Why You’ll Fail Your New Weight Loss Program

fail weight lossI know you’re probably thinking about a new diet or exercise plan that will help you get in the best shape of your life.

You’re motivated, with “Eye of the Tiger” music playing the background of your mind, “THIS is the YEAR I am GOING to DO this!”

Trust me, I get it, I get you, I WAS you… for many years.

But no matter how motivated I started out,

It would fizzle out in a matter of weeks…

or when I started to notice results….

I would immediately sabotage myself by stuffing my face in the pantry…

Now, I don’t say this to get you down….  

I WANT you to have success… I want that for you more than anything.

In fact, that is my mission in LIFE,

It’s the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning….

And that’s also why I feel it’s my duty to share this truth with you…  

Before you sign up for that weight loss program that you KNOW will leave you feeling like a failure in a matter of weeks…

Please listen:

The reason you haven’t had success following a plan or program is because you have weight loss blockers.   

These are psychological blocks that are stored in your subconscious mind – which means you’re not even aware of them

They have programmed you to hold onto extra weight.

And until you figure out which weight loss blockers you have, you will continue struggling with your weight.

And fail every weight loss program you jump into…

Even if you swear you’re following it to the letter…

Weight loss blockers will keep you stuck.

Weight loss blockers come from certain traumatic things that have happened to us…

Like having a bad relationship with one or both parents…

A bad break up,

sexual abuse,

A divorce, your own or your parents’,

people calling you names,

someone making you feel bad for something you did,

or being made to sit at the table and eat food you don’t like.

These are all experiences that cause your brain to become hardwired with wrong information,

which ends up making you self sabotage, overeat, binge eat and be unmotivated to exercise.

I’ve spent my lifetime discovering these weight loss blockers…

and healing myself and others from them…

That’s why these are the issues we focus on healing in the Think and Thin programs.

By healing these experiences from the past – (in the specific way I only teach in my classes),

you can honestly and truly be free from self sabotage, emotional eating and even low self esteem.

But the first step is to discover which weight loss blockers you have.

Be on the lookout for my upcoming in-depth training on this in a few weeks.

Trust me, you’ll want to know this information before you start any weight loss or diet regimen this year.

So for now, just sit back, relax, be kind to yourself, don’t push yourself too hard, and just focus on educating yourself about weight loss blockers.

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I hope you learn something really life changing about yourself.


Happy New Year!

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