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This is why your friend is skinny

You’ve started a new diet. You went to the store, loaded up on lettuce, spinach, other fruits and food shamingveggies, the leanest chicken breasts you can find…

You’re following the diet to the letter…

Of course it seems that all your favorite foods are forbidden on this diet… but dammit, you’ve got to be “good” and follow through this time.

Then you go out to lunch with a friend (the one who doesn’t seem to have any weight issues) and you watch her get the most delicious (fattening!) item on the menu.

It’s your turn to order… oh no! Panic… I have to be good… I have to stick to my diet… what’s safe? I can’t embarrass myself…

“I’ll have the house salad, please. Hold the croutons and dressing.”

Have you ever lived this scenario? I know I have. It’s miserable.

But what if I told you that you COULD have that delicious item on the menu that you really want…

And not have to feel guilty?

What if I told you that you COULD eat your favorite foods and not sabotage your weight loss or your health?

You can.

Watch my video below to find out how. We’ll do some tapping on it together : )


  1. Joyce

    Thanks Brittany, will certainly try this and do appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

    • Brittany Watkins
      Brittany Watkins04-06-2016

      Youre welcome Joyce! Thank YOU!

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