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The ugly truth about your extra pounds

The ugly truth

So, on the call for my coach certification class I was teaching the coaches the protocol for getting the fastest weight loss results in the very shortest period of time.

And I told them, “If your client has ever been sexually abused, nothing else will work until they resolve that trauma.”

In this video I explain why you can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try.

I know this isn’t an easy subject for people to talk about. If you need help with this, or want to work with one of our trained coaches, please just email me at and either I or my assistant will get back to you with some options.

To explain a bit further, in this context I have found that a very wide definition of sexual abuse applies: it’s anything that’s ever made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe sexually in your body.

Sally hadn’t seen her boyfriend in a couple of weeks. He picked her up from the airport and wanted to have sex as soon as they got to his house. She didn’t feel ready and told him she didn’t want to, but he forced her into the bedroom and went ahead without her consent. That’s sexual abuse.

Mandy was 14 years old on the playground at school when a boy wearing glasses walked up to her and said, “I’m wearing special glasses, I can see right through your clothes, I see you naked.” Mandy felt violated and unsafe in her body. That’s sexual abuse..

There are a million other possible scenarios where women are violated sexually, some mild but some way, way worse.

What actually happened doesn’t matter, what really matters is if it made you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

And what happens to women when they don’t feel safe in their bodies?

Yep…they put on extra weight to act as a barrier to “protect” themselves from sexual attention. For some women that means an extra 5 lbs and for others it could be 300 lbs. Either way, in their minds the extra weight acts as a shield blocking them from that bad thing ever happening again.

And the ugly truth is, unless you release the traumas around your sexual abuse, you’ll never be able to lose weight and keep it off. That’s one of the reasons so many women struggle with yo yo dieting, because their bodies really don’t want them to lose weight and expose them to the dangers of predatory attention.

Again, I’m sorry for writing about such a touchy subject in an email. I usually save this information for students in my programs, but I truly know how frustrating it can be to struggle continually with your weight, so I hope this can shed some light.

Also, here’s one of the tapping scripts from my Think and Think program for dealing with negative sexual attention. I hope you find it useful!

xox Britt

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