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The Top 10 Ways EFT Changed my Life and Relationship to Food

Many people are curious about my personal story. So I thought I would share a bit more about myself and how the techniques I use in my program helped change my life and relationship to food.

1. I no longer crave chocolate (or any food) compulsively
2. I do not binge on food to the point of sedation
3. I am not on a diet
4. My weight doesn’t yo-yo up and down
5. I’ve stayed at my current weight for more than three years now. Give or take a few pounds
6. I don’t spend all day obsessing about food or worried about how much I weigh. (well, not really, I AM still a girl) :-)
7. I don’t have to TRY to eat healthy, I just do. No willpower involved.
8. I used to park my booty in front of the fridge after a bad day, and now, I go for a run
9. I’ve gone from super insecure and stuck in a bad relationship to feeling like I can RULE THE WORLD …. No really, I do.

10. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, in the process of it all, I developed a system and strategy to help women do the exact same.

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