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The orphan who healed my heart

Last year during a day trip in Tulum, Mexico I found an 8-week-old-puppy malnourished, diseased and hiding behind an ATM machine.

I’ll be honest, I’m not typically the rescuing type.  My dog Bella came from a breeder (don’t hate me dog enthusiasts!). I rescue people for a living, so normally I don’t feel the need to rescue animals.

Although this time, it was different.  One look into this puppy’s violet eyes and I was hers.  She literally owned me.

I didn’t want another dog, one is enough for me…however after 24 hours with this puppy I was seriously reconsidering my singular pet situation.

To add to the synchronicity, this dog had a perfect heart grown into her fur on her crown chakra.  A sign?? Ummm I think yes.


Once I got home to Playa del Carmen, my friend who’d been visiting (and helping!) for the weekend left and there I was with two puppies…a 1-year-old and an 8-week-old.

And after mopping up pee from my floor for the 3rd time in an hour, I was chomping at the bit to find a new family for this puppy.  “What the hell was I thinking rescuing a puppy from the streets?! I can’t do this on my own.”

Bella, my 1-year-old Maltipoo, is finally potty trained. “What the hell was I thinking with this brand new puppy?!?”

Our first walk was a disaster…puppies going either direction, one peeing, the other pooping, and me fishing through my bag for proper cleaning supplies.

Internally I was swearing at my friend who convinced me to take this little stray.

“I sooooo need to find her an owner.”

And after 3 days of frustration, fumbling, and a few F-bombs…we started coming up with a system.

Bella walks, puppy sits in back, Bella sits, puppy poops. It became synchronistic.

Suddenly, it wasn’t so hard to have 2 dogs, it was almost the same as having 1, with twice the love.

I started deliberating the whole adoption idea, why would I give this amazing dog up? She’s beautiful, she found me, she has a freaking heart on her forehead!!!

And she was homeless, kinda like me as a 15-year-old.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve definitely had more problems giving this dog up than the average person.

I kept saying to myself, “What if she’s here to teach me something? What if she’s the reincarnation of Jesus Christ? What if she’s a saint?! What the hell is the heart all about?!”

To make matters worse, I couldn’t help but see my little 15-year-old self in this dog. Lonely, discarded, no family…I gave her a 2nd chance at life- now I’m just going to give her away?!?

And when the day came that I finally found her a good owner…

I just couldn’t do it.

I’d been crying for days, just the thought of giving up the sweet puppy made me feel like I was back on the streets as a 15-year-old.  I tapped, I cried, I called everyone I knew to ask for their opinion.

I went for a walk on the beach and asked the universe to give me a sign…”tell me what this dog thing is all about.”

And my answer came:

I’ve been working on healing my broken heart and this was the final piece that I needed to experience to heal those old wounds.

The next day I called the woman to come pick up the dog.

It was perfectly heartbreaking…but allowed me to tap and move through subconscious issues I would have never been able to access without that little pup.


Afterwards I felt lighter and more free than I had felt in years, and just a few weeks later I met a man who went on to occupy my heart for more than a year.

Sometimes we go through, try to see the lesson, and honor the hardship because you never know what joy it’s about to bring you. :-)




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