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That Black Dress is Keeping You Fat…


Earlier this week I attended an event called Women Rock It. It was a fundraiser benefiting research for a rare heart disease called Brugada Syndrome. In 2003 Hyla Molander, the founder of the event, was seven months pregnant with her second daughter when she and her 17-month-old watched her husband Erik die from Brugada Syndrome. He was 29 years old. Since then she has been campaigning for better research to find a cure for this devastating condition.

The event featured eight incredibly powerful and passionate women out there. There was the CEO of a television network, a best selling author, an American Idol contestant, a renowned scientist at Stanford, the CEO of global charity organizations, a journalist for the United Nations…you get the idea.

Their inspiring speeches about the experiences that have shaped and strengthened their characters blew me away.

But I couldn’t help but notice something that made me very sad…

Every woman who was carrying “a few extra pounds” was wearing a black dress.

I recognized this right away as one of my old patterns. I can remember not allowing myself to go shopping because I thought that it was pointless to spend money on “fat clothes.” I wanted to hide my body so I wore a lot of black, thinking it would do the best job of covering up my fat thighs and bulging tummy.

I was waiting for the extra weight to come off before I would invest in myself. So I woke up each morning and threw on the same old tired clothes just because they were the only things that fit and I started every single day feeling depressed and fat. And you know what? That feeling manifested itself in my life in so many other ways…

I refused invitations to go out because I didn’t have anything to wear, I didn’t go to meet my girlfriends because they were skinnier than I was, and I felt bad about myself all the time. I shut myself up alone at home, feeling sad and down, always waiting for the magical day when I’d shed those extra pounds before I could say yes and get out there and enjoy my life.

But I’m here to tell you, that is the WRONG ASSBACKWARDS mentality!!

Even if you are carrying around extra weight, you can still FEEL flirty, beautiful and fabulous. If only you will ALLOW yourself to feel that way. Check out these examples
Rosette blue dress
purple angie dress

And one of the best ways I know how to do that, is to shop for some new clothes. In fact some of the weight loss coaches I know recommend a new wardrobe as the VERY FIRST and MOST important step to losing weight.

But Brittany… I don’t want to spend the money, it’ll be a waste after I lose the extra weight…
Britt: Girlfriend, just get over it! You can have the clothes taken in and I guarantee you’ll be so happy once you lose weight that you won’t even give it a second thought.

But Brittany… I don’t have any spare money for shopping right now…
Britt: Even if funds are tight, you can still find fabulous, inexpensive outfits that are super trendy at stores like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21.

But Brittany… I don’t know how to put outfits together. I don’t know what will look best on me, and I don’t really like to shop…
Britt: Neither do I! But this is what I do: when I go into a store I find a nicely dressed sales assistant and tell her that I need some new clothes. I tell her what I am looking for and the occasion, I pick a few things, and then I let HER bring me the rest. And every single time they bring me something that I would have NEVER picked that ends up looking great on me and I keep it forever. These people are pros!

Please darling, invest in yourself… The people I’ve known who are the most successful at losing weight are those who decide they are worth it, right now, just as they are. They are gorgeous, worthy and lovable! Investing in yourself with a few great new items of clothing that make you feel great is exactly the message you need to start telling yourself every day if you want to shed those extra pounds.

So here’s what I want you to buy:

* A party dress for a night out – in any shade OTHER than black. The brighter, bolder and more expressive, the better!
* A pair of jeans that fits you well, RIGHT NOW, and not when you lose another 10 pounds
* A dress you can wear to work and for a night out, again, the bolder the better
* A beautiful new bra with matching undies. Throw away those nasty dingy old ones and treat yourself something that makes you feel womanly and sexy

I personally had to do A LOT of tapping before I felt comfortable enough to invest in myself at my “overweight size” so I’ve included a tapping script to help you.

Please pass this message along to others you know would benefit from this article.
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Hugs and happy shopping!



I Don’t Want To Buy Myself New Clothes Until I Lose Weight

Tapping on the karate chop point…

Even though I refuse to buy new clothes at this weight, I love and accept myself
Even though I will not buy new clothes at this weight, I love and accept myself anyway
Even though I have all this resistance to buying new clothes at this weight, I love and accept myself and I’m open to new possibilities

Tapping through the points…

You want me to do what?!
Go shopping?
When I look like this?
No way José!
I’m not spending any money
Not when I look like this
Look at my big fat tummy/thighs/arms
Nothing will look good right now
There’s no way I’ll waste money like that
First I’m going to lose weight
And then I’ll buy myself something new
Not right now
When I’m this size
I don’t have the money
I don’t have the time
I don’t want to shop
I don’t want to spend money on myself
Not right now
Nothing will look good
Nothing will fit
I’m just going to lose the weight
And I’ll go shopping when I’m thin
When I shed the extra pounds
When I finally reach my goal
THEN I’ll spend money
THEN I’ll reward myself
THEN I’ll deserve it

Take a deep breath, and tap on the karate chop point…

Even though I still have some of this resistance to buying myself something new to wear, I’m open to trying a new approach

Tapping through the points…

I’m still resisting this
I really don’t want to shop
I don’t want to spend any money
It seems like such a waste
But Brittany seems pretty insistent
That doing this will help me change
So I’m open to considering it
Even though part of me is fighting it
Another part of me knows she is right
I don’t need to spend a lot
Just one or two things
A great pair of pants
A shirt that fits really well
I’m willing to consider it
I don’t know how I’ll afford it
But I’m just going to allow the Universe to figure that part out
I don’t need to spend a lot
And something new is always nice
I’ve been working really hard
And I DO deserve a reward
I’m willing to consider that I’m worth it
I know that when I look good, I feel good
And when I feel good, I eat less
Feeling good is my #1 priority
And it starts with being kind to myself
By rewarding myself with healthy things
Not breaking the bank
Just small things to remind myself I’m doing a good job
And I’m a great person
And loveable
And beautiful
Just as I am now
Perfectly beautiful
In my own uniqueness


  1. Trish

    Hi Brittany
    this is brilliant! I have now lost 76 kg (167lb) and when I was fat always wore black to hide behind. It took a long time before I was fearless enough to wear colour, but I just love buying clothes now in bright colours. It is so important to look and feel good when you are losing weight. Even now, I make the effort to dress well (doesn’t mean expensively) and it makes me feel better and in the right frame of mind to stay slim and healthy. I love the tapping scripts you share, they are so helpful.
    thank you for your help and encouragement.

  2. Christina

    Talk about serendipity. You’ve hit this right on the nail, girl. Gonna use this ’til it’s ingrained in every cell of my beautiful-at-this-size-but-would-like-to-get-my-waist-down-to-31-inches body!

  3. Dori

    Dynomite!!! You got to me this time. I never thought of this approach before so I’m going to try it and I will let you know how it works for me. Thanks Britany

  4. Elise

    Great tapping session! Thank you, it was just wat I needed ;)!

  5. Aimee

    What perfect timing! Just this morning I was thinking of how I could change my jeans that fit me well into capris so I didn’t have to buy more clothes at the weight I am. Now I am going to put that idea aside and go and get myself some fun summer clothes! Thanks for this reminder that I can look amazing no matter what!

  6. Mal

    Oh this is so true and so hard for me. I love the idea of asking someone for help! Thanks for the tap and great tips :)

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