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Hi, and thank you for beginning this journey with me. I know how frustrating it is to struggle with cravings and emotional eating. It is my MISSION to teach you the most cutting-edge tools and techniques to be successful in breaking free from self-defeating patterns.
It took me more than 15 years to develop the Skinny Genes Solution™ and in this PDF I’ve broken it down into a step-by-step, easy-to-follow format.

This e-book will give you all the information you need to eliminate your cravings today. I offer craving calls for people, who want to reinforce the techniques, ask questions and get extra help.
I truly love helping people and quite frankly would do it for free, so even if you don’t come to a craving class, but need help with this material, please don’t hesitate to send me an email
Please remember: Best results come from a truly committed effort. I promise you that if you use the techniques in this book, you will realize results that will change your life forever.


A craving, and the uncontrollableurge to satisfy it, is a learned behaviour. Often, a food craving is linked back to a childhood memory: we used to eat a particular food with someone we cared about, or it was given to us as a treat, so we created a positive association between that food and an emotion that “hard-wired” into our brain for years to come.
Example: You’re feeling sad and you reach for chocolate. When you eat the chocolate you release endorphins, the body’s natural opiates, which lift your mood. So you eat the chocolate to feel good but the fact is the good feelings are already inside you … the chocolate has simply become a signal your mind has established to release endorphins. The chocolate doesn’t actually contain any endorphins.
With the Skinny Genes Solution™, you will learn … in minutes … how to break that neuro-chemical association and gain control of your craving.
Follow the instructions in this worksheet, or come to a workshop or “craving call” and we’ll do it together.

Your Brain and Memories
The Skinny Genes Solution™ changes your thoughts and behaviours associated with food and emotions, so let’s take a quick look at this in relation to standard brain function.

From the moment we’re born, our brains assign meanings and values to experiences which trigger emotional responses. For instance, your mother may have rewarded you with cookies for a good report card. Your brain hardwired the association of cookies to good feelings … love and affirmation.

Now, any time you experience a feeling that is unpleasant … the kids having a meltdown, your boss breathing down your neck, boredom or loneliness at night … you subconsciously seek the comfort of cookies because of that hardwired association you learned as a child.

In the craving class, we start by having you think about a particular food for which you have consistent, uncontrolled cravings. We then identify the stored memories you have connected to that craving.

Once the process is complete, usually in 3-5 minutes, you’ll be able to look at the food, or think about that food, without having the physical craving.

Brain imaging devices show changes in the brain frequencies after applying similar methods. You can read more articles about this onmy blog.


The Skinny Genes Solution™ works by applying mental focus and stimulating acupressure points in easy-to-reach places on your upper body, hands and face.
When you begin this exercise, have the food you crave in front of you. Only use this technique with ONE SPECIFIC food at a time. If the food you crave is a dish that involves multiple ingredients like pizza or tacos, that’s fine, just make sure it’s your favorite specific dish, eg, pizza from Round Table or chicken tacos made with heavy sour cream and cilantro.
The technique works best when you are experiencing a strong craving, so if you’re not having one at the time of this exercise, simply come back and try it when you do.
Start by tasting or smelling the food so you can measure your desire for it. ALWAYS measure your desire for the food … this is how you will determine your success in applying the technique.

Rate your desire with a 0-10 scale, 0 being no desire at all, 10 is SALIVATING. A number will intuitively pop into your head … Use it!
Notice how your body feels when you think about this food … It’s possible your mouth is watering or you feel pressure in your chest. Whatever it is, just notice the feeling(s). If you can’t identify any physical manifestations of the craving, simply notice your desire for the food.
When you feel compulsive about a food, it’s usually because you have a fond memory of eating that particular food earlier in life, either with someone with whom you shared a strong emotional bond, or in a situation that was happy for you.

Think back to some of your earliest experiences with this food. If you can recall eating the food with a specific person, notice the good feelings aroused by the food, create a picture of the person (or situation) in your head, and send that person those feelings. Imagine giving that person a hug and sharing your appreciation for them. Imagine being with that person and the food at the same time. Take the feelings out of the food. Give those feelings to that special person or people. In short, you’re going to connect with that person rather than that particular food.

*If you don’t have any memories from the past, just keep focusing on your desire for the food.

You can tap or stimulate either side of your body (I usually alternate between both sides).

The first point is called the “karate chop” because it’s on the fleshy part of your hand that you would use to do a karate chop.

Tap or stimulate each of these receptor areas for about 15 seconds apiece, while you focus your desire for the food. Don’t worry about getting the receptor points exactly … if you use two fingers, or a device, you will hit the right spot.

1. Karate chop (stay here for about a minute, while you do the “memory” part of the sequence.)
2. Inside wrist
3. Collarbone
4. Chest
5. Middle forehead
6. Under eye

Take a deep breath … in and out.

Now go back to the food and check your desire level.

If you still have a perceptible desire for the food, give it a number (0-10) and repeat the sequence.

You can omit the memory visualization process during the second round … Simply focus your attention on your craving level while you tap or stimulate the receptor points.

This technique may seem a bit odd at first, but it works.

Like thousands of others, this technique helped me overcome my struggle with cravings, emotional eating, limiting beliefs and past emotional heartache that held me back from the life I wanted.

Now, I’m living the life of my dreams. I have an amazing relationship with a man I love, closer bonds with my friends and family, and an abundant income from a career I am truly passionate about. I want the same for you.

If you’d like to learn more about my craving class or the 6-week program, visit my website

You are on your way!