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(Tap-along Video) How to be around junk food and not eat it..

I remember getting into a major fight with my ex-boyfriend for bringing home ice cream from the store…his junk food would literally start a full-blown screaming match!

I’d yell things like:

You want me to stay fat forever!!
I can’t believe how much you’re sabotaging me!
You’re so selfish! All you think about is yourself!
Why do you keep sabotaging my diet!

Does this happen to you too?

Or maybe you just refuse to keep the foods you crave in the house, like bread, ice cream, chocolate cookies or chips, because you’re afraid you’ll binge on them when nobody’s looking?

That means you have one of the 7 weight loss blockers called, My feelings are stuck in the food.

Sonia has that weight loss blocker too, so I sat down with her to figure out why she can’t keep bread in the house.

In this video, we learned that happy memories from Sonia’s childhood were sabotaging her weight, it wasn’t her husband after all. :-)

I’ll also explain how your brain is actually wired to eat unhealthy foods, and there’s nothing you can do about it unless you do the powerful exercise I share in this video.

Follow along with the exercise in the video to get rid of any food craving!


PS: And if you’re an experienced EFT tapper, you’ll learn my totally rebellious way of working with food cravings. It takes half the time, and it might make Gary Craig mad!

PPS: Leave me a comment in the box below and tell me about your aha moments and the childhood memory responsible for your food craving!


  1. Lauren

    Great post!

    • Brittany Watkins
      Brittany Watkins10-13-2015

      Thanks Lauren!

  2. Shannon

    Very Cool! What if we can’t remember the 1st time or the exact reason we made that connection?

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