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Stop Self-Sabotage

We had an AMAZING call last night. We talked about self sabotage and emotional eating for over an hour!

I also introduced my 16-Week Advanced Emotional Eating program that starts next week.

At the end of the call I lead everyone through a tapping exercise that addressed the CORE issues of self sabotage, and here are some of the comments.

‘Incredible! I never knew why I was so critical of myself all my life! All the anger at my mother! She was doing the best she could with what she had at the time. I am finally able to forgive. Thank you!’

‘I didn’t get emotional. However it was very powerful. I had done a lot of work on forgiving my parents. Yet I never allowed myself to regain my power and allow myself to be successful. Thank you.’

‘That was VERY powerful tapping session for me. Self sabotage has been recurring in different forms long after the weight issues were non-issues’

The call has 3 parts:

First, you’ll learn about the 9 areas that you need to address to overcome self sabotage and emotional eating.

Second, you’ll go through a tapping exercise that will get to the ROOT issues of your self sabotage.

Third, you’ll learn more about my 16-week advanced emotional eating program if you want to take this work even further.

The program starts Tuesday, Oct 16th.

Enjoy, and please, tell me about your breakthroughs.. down below!





    dear Brittany

    thank you sooooooovery much for your heartfelt work !

    tears were streaming down my face as i was tapping along.
    it brought up to the surfice many burried issues ,that i was aware of,
    but have chosen to suppress.
    it takes a lot of emotional strength and energy
    to face and deal with this emotional over spilling flood…

    thank you for recomending the chakra work book of Anadea.
    would you be kind to share some other books, especially for disfunctional thyroid .
    my thyroid gland is full with growths at verious sizes and densities, and went from hiper to hypo – no medications. i’m vegeterian since 1986, and nearing my 64th birthday.
    and yes, i’m an emotional eaters, struggling with my weight since i was 17.

    you are a fresh breath, a real pearl !!!
    G-d bless you !!!

  2. Tricia

    Hi there – for some or other unknown reason the download link is not working for me all I get is a blank screen when I click on it – is anyone else having the same problem …. Brittany thank you very very much for the awesome work you are doing and for enabling us to benefit from all you info at no charge … if you did not do this us folks (like me in South Africa) would be unable to participate because the exchange rates make the wonder-filled webinars and teachings unaffordable …

  3. Peter Vince
    Peter Vince10-12-2012


    Keep up the excellent work. I too work with weight loss clients using EFT. EFT helps them achieve the breakthroughs they need. As you said on the call self sabotage is one of the key reasons why people never lose weight.

    You have put together here some awesome information.

    Kind regards

    Peter Vince

  4. Debby

    WOW! I thought I had forgiven and let go of the issues with my extremely violent step father. Not so at all. I realized that I have been punishing myself, and beating myself up all my life because of allowing him to keep punishing me even though he has been dead over thirty years. I am 65 now. I have been burying the anger and hurt in myself for so long. This is the first time I’ve been able to cry for sometime. I fought to keep the tears in with anger. I wonder if the eye problems I have been having, sinus issues, etc…have been tear suppression.
    Thank you so very much. This is not an issue I would have even thought of, becasue I vowed NEVER to be the kind of person he was.

  5. Katherine

    I was on the call for the first hour and went back to do the tapping exercise just now. I am new to tapping but am starting to understand it and get the hang of it, and feel hopeful it will help me with the emotional eating and food addiction issues that plague me, despite all the work I’ve done to heal over the past two decades. The call (the 9 points) and the tapping exercise were really powerful. I cried through the tapping exercise, which I’ve never done! It really hit home with me how I am treating myself like my father did, and my mother. I really keyed into that when we discussed it as one of the steps in the call, too. This idea of power. Thank you so much for being willing to share your knowledge. This is insightful stuff, and I hope it helps me — because I truly want to heal.

  6. Linda

    I have taken the 6 week course, have been FAITHFULLY tapping on EVERYTHING that has come up on me and I haven’t lost even 1 pound. And where I didn’t eat after dinner, I now find myself standing at the fridge looking for more food about 2 hours after dinner!!! Things seem to be getting worse, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???

    • brittwatkins

      Hi Linda, there are always unconscious reasons people eat… First thing you can do is get on the list for the mastermind program where we explore this extensively.. second, when youre in the fridge, ask yourself this question “whats eating me?” your answer might give you some tap-able issues. :-) Then, get out of your house and do something fun, youre likely bored.

      good luck.

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