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Really, Really Big News

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I feel really guilty for not writing to you in 3 weeks, – it’s been quite a whirlwind.

I haven’t talked about this much in my blogs, but about 10 months ago I met the man of my dreams.

I never wanted to get married, and when I met Mauricio he didn’t either, so I knew we were perfect for each other. Yet after 9 months of dating and getting serious, I started suddenly feeling like I wanted to be married to him. So, with 5 margaritas on board, I brought it up while on vacation in Tulum, Mexico.

“Um, so, I know I said I never wanted to get married, but when I think about it with you, I don’t feel scared, I feel excited.”

…His response? I tensed up waiting for him to panic.

“Ok babe, you know what, me too. That feels really good to me too. Let’s do it. Let’s get married.”

And that was it. We didn’t talk about it again. Actually, to be honest, I forgot we talked about it at all until we came home to our house in Playa del Carmen that Monday and as the epitome of the masculine man he is, he hands me a piece of paper and says, “If you still want to marry me, this is what we have to do.” It was a list of a requirements to get married in Mexico.

I immediately felt panicked but knew deep down it was something I wanted, so we picked a date 3 weeks later and my whole family flew in to celebrate with us.

I had absolutely zero expectations for a wedding since I had never fantasized about one, but it was perfect for me, for us.

This story serves as a testimonial to tapping and clearing our subconscious or beliefs, or as I like to call them, “weight loss blockers” that keep you stuck.

Last year I worked intensely with a relationship coach. He guided me, scavenging through my old childhood wounds from relationships and love, (just as I do with the Think and Thin Advanced program for body, food and relationship issues), and we cleared them one by one.

If I had been told 2 years ago that I would be getting married a few years later, I would have laughed very hard.

It’s not that I didn’t want a relationship, I just didn’t think true love really existed. I never thought two people could actually want to spend all their time together, have fun, laugh, be best friends and confidants. I thought all of those quotes on Facebook about relationships were just silly people dreaming about a reality that doesn’t exist.

Now I can truly say that I have that with someone, and it’s better than anything I could have ever dreamed of. He’s my best friend. I never want to do anything without him.

Nonetheless, getting there was hard freaking work. I did a lot of dirty ‘clean out the closet’ tapping, (similar to what we do in Think and Thin), but I wasn’t afraid. I did it with fearlessness because I knew and I trusted that it would bring me gifts beyond my wildest dreams.

  • It has 1,000 times over. –

Follow your dreams, step forward boldly towards where you feel called to and get help from professionals when you can’t get there yourself.



P.s. If you’re ready for a life change, if you feel stuck with your weight and you’re ready to do a lot of ‘take out the trash’ tapping that will catapult you to a level in your life you never imagined possible, then click here to apply for the Think and Thin Advanced program.


  1. Debbie

    Congratulations to you both! How exciting!!!!! Another confirmation that when it’s time it will happen! =)

    • Brittany Watkins
      Brittany Watkins08-13-2015

      Thank you Debbie!

  2. Aakriti

    Congratulations Brittany!! That was an awesome email/story to read.. A sign even!! Divine timing rocks.. Sent over love n blessings.. May your union be blissful <3

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