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It was so easy and so natural…
Thanksgiving was fabulous, I think it’s the first holiday where I didn’t overeat, ever. And it was so easy and so natural, I really didn’t even have to put any thought or tapping into it. I just was present and it was wonderful. It set me free in a lot of ways. - Brenda
My body has a powerful new way to communicate with me...
As a family we have a tradition of decorating holiday cutout cookies together. As a result I used to put on 8 pounds every winter because those cookies were a trigger for "stuffing myself with love". But after Reboot Camp 2013 I feel the love and tradition we share now with the other generations AND it is separate from eating any cookie! I may eat one of the holiday cookies in a day, not every day even, but when I do eat that cookie I savor the beauty, the love that made it, the taste in my mouth, but notice that my body-mind-spirit doesn't NEED or WANT that cookie. It's just there. Wowzers!! Through tapping, your scripts and your encouraging presence, my body has a powerful new way to communicate with me... And it feels the love! With no cookies needed! - Christine