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I don't even feel deprived.
Successful dinner out by sticking to protein and veggies. Skipped the bread and dessert which are usually ridiculously impossible for me to give up. And I don't even feel deprived. So excited this is working! – Meryll
There is no feeling of craving, no interest whatsoever.
I woke up this morning thinking I should go buy a bag of peanuts just to prove to myself that I’m no longer interested, but can you believe, I stopped at the stand where I usually get fruit and my stash of peanuts, and bought a couple of grapefruit, and forgot the peanuts, until just this minute, when I read your mail. There is no feeling of craving, no interest in them whatsoever. I feel free, unburdened by this used-to-be need! - Joy
30 days with no chocolate…
Just a quick update. I made it through the 30 days since the weight loss webinar - with no chocolate chip cookies or cookie dough - OR any other chocolate. And believe, me I had plenty of opportunity. - Sherrie