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I just did the craving exercise on my 14 year old son...
Omg! I am sooo pumped! I just did the craving exercise on my 14 year old son. He is a sugar hound and secretly gobbles up any candy he can get his hands on. His faves are Gobstoppers and Mike & Ike's. We stopped and got some so I could "practice" on him. At the start, he couldn't wait to tear into them. At the end, he said they tasted like cardboard and chemicals. Success!!!! - Kat
Didn't touch the popcorn for the rest of the movie...
When I go to the movies I like to eat popcorn, I can’t sit at a movie and not buy a popcorn. So they offered me a deal if I pay another 25 cents they’re going to give me a bigger size and I went into the movie theatre and I started eating, you know I had about a third and I felt full... in the middle of the movie I started tapping, quietly I just started tapping I didn’t say anything and as I started tapping I put the box of popcorn on the floor and I didn’t touch it again for the rest of the movie, and then threw it away when I left the -- the theatre and that was so huge for me. I was amazed at myself. - Alan