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My Shortcut to a Better Body Image

Girl_in_the_mirrorPeople always say I’m great at finding shortcuts… My last assistant called me The Queen Bee of Quick Results. I’ve always been that way, I think it was something I was born with.

Taking shortcuts used to land me in a whole heap of trouble as a kid and teenager… like jumping out of windows, dating older boys, cutting school, cheating on tests but thankfully these days I use my quest for better and faster in a positive way!

However, there’s just one thing that I haven’t been able to shortcut entirely:

Body image!

As my Think-and-Thin students would tell you, I work with self-confidence using an inside out approach. In my experience, once you heal old wounds, the critical voices in your head pipe down, your self-love receives a massive boost, you finally feel at peace with yourself… and the weight miraculously starts to fall off.

Of course this absolutely changes the way you look at yourself in the mirror every day… but in a society where women are judged harshly on their appearance and airbrushed, anorexic teenage models have become our beauty icons, it’s no surprise constantly to find yourself still not feeling good enough, skinny enough, or beautiful enough.

So here’s how to change the self-criticism that creeps in: you have to rewire the neural pathways in your brain and retrain them to look for the positive instead of the negative! This will be a great help for those who tend to take a generally pessimistic outlook in life.

Every time you catch yourself looking in the mirror and saying something nasty, start tapping immediately and notice what’s good.

Choose one thing about your body that you like, or love… like your eyes, your lips, your feet, your lashes, your skin… Just pick one and focus on how beautiful that part of your body is while you tap and say aloud or in your head:

Oh my, darling! Your eyes are soooo beautiful!

…and then notice every single way in which they are unique and beautiful. Is it their shape? Like a mysterious cat’s eyes? Or the little golden flecks right in the centre? Or the luscious way your eyelashes curl… Wow, your eyes really are gorgeous!

As you do this, you are rewiring your neural pathways and training your brain to look for what it loves, rather than what it dislikes. Give it a little time, be patient, and soon you’ll notice the positive feedback in your head as you pass a mirror and see what’s good.

Leave me a comment and let me know how this works for you!



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  1. Alyson

    This is so helpful! thanks so much Brittany :)

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