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My Secret Love Affair

Over the last year I’ve fallen passionately in love with the work I’ve been doing in helping heart-centered entrepreneurs step up their game. Whether it’s taking their business to the next level or teaching them how to help their clients lose weight for good, I’ve been giving them just what they need to get off the ground and start to thrive.

As it turns out, I’m pretty good at it! :-)

Alexis was passionate about helping her local community and I showed her how to turn a local event with a $6,000-dollar profit into a potential $60,000-dollar profit.

Melanie came to me as an emotional eater in my Mastermind program and left a bona fide weight loss coach, complete with rocking website, sales, and marketing funnel.

When I met Rachel she had a large following on Facebook, which I taught her how to turn into a profitable email list and I’m delighted to say that her business is blossoming.

So if you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur I’d like to offer some advice that might help you in your own business:

Just do it!
Advice I wish I’d been given when I was first starting out. I wasted waaay too much time polishing my website before I even started marketing myself.

The truth is, you’ll learn so much in your first months that you’ll probably change your website in less than a year, so don’t invest too much time making it perfect.

It’s best to just get something simple out there—I do advise you to make it look appealing and make sure someone checks your grammar, but focus on fast and DONE.

Hire someone to help you
Whether it’s technical support (the web really is more complicated than these DIY website companies would have you believe) or a business coach, your resources are wasted in trying to reinvent the wheel when an expert can teach it to you in a flash.

My client Nadia was burning the midnight oil and becoming so tired and frustrated in trying to figure out how to create her own website when she should have been networking to source clients and generate income. Once she hired a tech whiz (for $15 per hour), she was much more productive and profitable because she was focusing only on her genius.

So, to my fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs, if you’d like to start or grow a profitable business doing what you LOVE, I’d be so honored to help you, just get on this list to receive tips and advice from yours truly.

And if you think someone else could benefit from this, be sure to share the love. :-)

Here’s to an amazing generation of vibrant, mindful entrepreneurs!



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