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I’m soooooo overwhelmed!


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With a new program starting, my recent wedding, and planning a move across the world from Playa Del Carmen to Mystery City (which I’ll tell you about soon), life’s been kind of hectic!

Through all that, I realized that I had lost sight of some of the things I really enjoy – with writing being one of them.

I think this is common for many women. When we’re stressed, we neglect the things we love as we pack in more of the things can’t stand…leaving us feeling depressed, deprived, and uninspired.

Enough already!

Last night I decided I was going to flip this problem on its head and started my day with an amazing workout followed by a delicious, leisurely breakfast. Once I got home I showered, did my makeup, dressed in one of my favorite outfits and, looking my best from head to toe, I started writing with my favorite music, Café Del Mar, playing in the background.

Sure, there are emails awaiting responses, employees to pay, people to call, and chores to do BUT I know that if I’m not happy and doing what I love, nothing in my life works.

My advanced group of students have a challenge going on right now.

Their focus is on the things that make them HAPPY and each day they have to post in our private Facebook group at least one thing they have done for themselves. My hope is that this practice of carving out time for themselves will become a daily habit for life.

So, what can YOU do today to make yourself happy? How can you have as much fun as possible, even with the mundane tasks you need to get done?


Have a big pile of laundry to fold? – Blast the most upbeat music you can find on Pandora and rock out while you do it

Have to walk the dog? – Make it an occasion! Saunter down the street wearing an outfit you feel great in and tell yourself how beautiful you are, inside and out

Kids driving you nuts? – Call a babysitter and take yourself out on a date. Or, better yet, call a friend and ask them to take you on one… ;-)

Need to get through a pile of work? – First, tell yourself how easy and fun it will be, switch your phone to ‘do not disturb’ (I just discovered this and LOVE IT), pop your headphones in and crank up the music! I love to work to instrumental Latin music, like bossa nova or flamenco fusion.




P.S. Leave me a comment in the box below and share with us how you pull yourself out of funk :-)

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