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I Just Weighed Myself :(

Last week, after a routine doctor’s visit I found myself feeling down about my body and weight…

The routine weigh-in sent me on a downward spiral of negative self-talk and judgment. I threw my scale away years ago and decided to measure myself by the way my clothes fit, but reality hit in the doc’s office when I stepped on the scale.

I had plans to go out that night, but found myself not wanting to get dressed thinking about how fat I was…

Even though earlier that morning I felt fine about my weight, in an instant, those stupid numbers on the scale changed my whole state of mind.

I talked myself out of getting ready at least 3 times with thoughts like, “nothing fits, I’m so fat, everyone is going to notice how fat I am…”

As I was falling deeper and deeper into my misery, I suddenly remembered that I didn’t wake up feeling this way, that it wasn’t until i saw those numbers on the scale that I started to feel bad…

And in that instant I decided to take control of my mind. I am responsible for how I feel, and I will NOT let that stupid scale tell me how to feel about myself.

So I’m going shopping. :-)

After all, I had nothing to wear! I ended up shopping for hours and picked up some new fall lipstick colors and some hot new heels to go with my black dress—which I never wear.

Having an updated look, I felt motivated to get dressed and go out on the town with a friend. Getting all glammed up made me instantly perk up…it reminded me to not be so hard on myself and to enjoy life just as it is right now.  

Feeling so great left me wanting to share my strategy with you…so here goes!

Call up a friend and make some plans

Go shopping…if you need help, the girls who work at the store have great advice

Pull out your heels

Curl your hair and put on some makeup….

Grab your FAVORITE DRESS, even if it’s the fanciest one you own

And get ready because………


And remember…no one is looking at you, no one is judging you or your body…that’s all in your head!!

When you focus on connecting with your friends, you’ll feel happy…and people gravitate towards the happiest person in the room, NOT the skinniest!!

Enjoy the moment and make the most of your night out…then leave a comment and let me know how it went! :-)



P.S. If you know someone else who could benefit from this email, please make sure you pass it along.


  1. Melanie

    IThank you…..

    What you wrote today really hit home with me as earlier this week I decided to put away my scale and stop letting it dictate my life.

    I decided no matter what I weigh I only want to be happy, to not lose a moment more of my life stressing and obsessing about how much I weigh. In addition, I also stopped counting calories, journaling every bite of food I eat and made the conscious effort to not track it even mentally and you know what…I feel better, “lighter” and actually have more time for me.

    I actually am not consuming as much food just by not constantly thinking about it and please know I have thought about food my entire life. I have binged, purged, restricted, over-exercised, counted points, calories, grams, Weight Watchered, Atkinized, Slim Fasted, Sugar Busted and diet supplemented my way to the 300lbs I found myself at earlier this week…. it is safe to say none of that has worked, is working or will work in the future. And I will never consider weight loss surgery….haven’t I damaged and tortured my body enough?

    I decided to do this as daily I watch my little dog and while he has access to food all day he is the perfect weight. He eats when he is hungry (some days more, others less) and stops when he is full. I honestly thought I wouldn’t even know how to live like that…to live without being a slave to my absolutely ineffectual weight loss “tools and aids”.

    So trying I am….I love your articles and have tried EFT, I do find it calming and it does help when I am really worried to let go of the repeating negative thought patterns.

    Your honesty is so appreciated and you write from the heart, please keep up the good work!


  2. laura

    YOU ARE AWESOME! Totally had a similar experience recently. Thank you for sharing so authentically. You made my day (again) XO

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