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I Can’t Control Myself Around Food! [audio download]

Sound familiar?

In the very first Skinny Genes LIVE Q and A call, one of my students raised her hand and bravely professed that she could not control herself around food when she was in group situations, especially with her family.

This is a very common problem faced by many people. Family gatherings can unconsciously trigger us to eat uncontrollably.

During the call we discovered the “root cause” of this behavior and did some tapping for it.

I just spoke to my Skinny Genes graduate yesterday and guess what? She’s lost 15 pounds! :-)

I want you to have the same breakthrough so I’ve included a download of the audio here.

Enjoy the audio! And if you feel inspired, leave me a comment and tell me about your breakthrough!

Lots of love,



  1. pat

    Thank you that was wonderful.

  2. Vision Follower Elena Sommer
    Vision Follower Elena Sommer10-06-2012

    Thank you so much with this amazing audio.
    Tapping is the best tool.
    Elena Sommer

  3. Elaine madden
    Elaine madden10-07-2012

    Thanks for all of this info!

  4. Pam

    I enjoyed tha audio call a lot. Would love to see a tapping session so I can learn more. Thanks

  5. Rhona

    Hi Brittany
    I found myself tapping on lack of control. I don’t feel I have much control in my external life but when I come home and am on my own and I am able to control my enviroment I seem to have no control. I keep picking and cant seem to control it. Its like a part of me is expressing its ablility to control me. Quietly underminding my best of intentions. I do feel lonely and have tapped on this.

  6. Kaye Wtson
    Kaye Wtson10-07-2012

    Thank you for the great audio,” I can’t control myself around food”. I had a really important and surprising insight – my craving for needing to feel full (stuffed to be exact) started really early at around 2 month as it was the only time I had contact with my Mother. I have been tapping on my baby self but am a bit stuck as how to communicate with her.

    with love and best wishes
    Kaye from Melbourne Australia

    • brittwatkins

      Good. Glad it helped Kaye :-)

    • Maria Rippo
      Maria Rippo10-23-2012

      Hi Kaye-

      I love that you are connecting with your two month old self! One way that I have done this and do it with clients is to visualize myself now, going in and holding that lonely baby part of me. Hold her, cuddle her and bring her into your heart. You can start by feeling where the sadness is in your body. Close your eyes and really feel it and when you hold her, hold her to your heart until that feeling subsides. I am not totally sure how to do this using EFT, but it works really well when working with the really young parts of us. Hope that’s helpful!

  7. Elaine madden
    Elaine madden10-08-2012

    Wow! This download is amazing! Thank you all so much! It completely resonated with me!!
    Very effective!

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