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How to “Tap” for Emotional Eating – Expert Level

Ive heard many people complain that tapping doesn’t work for emotional eating. Often, tapping helps put the food down temporarily, but why do we end up eating it later? To rebel perhaps?

I have to admit, when I first started tapping for my weight and emotional eating issues, the weight did NOT come off very easily. When an emotional binge would hit, I would tap, but still couldn’t control myself!

I realized why this was happening- I had all my attention focused on the problem that caused of my emotional binge … but it never worked. I would stop temporarily, but would always continue to binge later.

After 5 years, I finally cracked the code on this.. and I want to share this secret with my fellow tappers… Its actually quite simple.

Heres the remedy:
Treat all emotional eating like a craving, focus on what that food is doing for you. How does it make you feel when you eat it? Relaxed? Soothed? In control? The question to ask yourself is- What is it about this food that I like? Is it the crunchiness? the sweetness? the way it goes down my throat when I eat it? Once you notice what the food is doing for you (that is positive) allow yourself to feel that positive feeling, (just like you would a craving) and tap on that desire for the good feeling. And again, just like a craving, your perception might shift. One minute its the sweetness, next its the smoothness… After each round, notice what is is about the food that you are still attracted to.. and then tap on the craving for that good feeling.

Does this make sense?

I hope it helps, it took me MANY years to figure this out.. Im happy to offer you a shortcut in the learning curve!

Brittany Watkins
EFT Practitioner and Emotional Eating Expert