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How to STOP feeling like shit- when you feel like shit. ???

How to STOP feeling like shit- when you feel like shit. ???

After all the work I’ve done on myself, I still use food as a way to get happy… but not in the way you think… ???

I woke up this morning grumpy. I’ve been working 10 days on a new project, with no days off. There are delays, I still have a LONG list of things I have to do, and it’s just not happening fast enough. In the world of the internet, this happens a lot.

One of my biggest goals in life is to find balance and live in a state of flow. ✨✨✨ I can proudly say this last year I finally cracked the code on that – (let me know if you’d like to learn more about this) … ???

It’s not that I don’t have problems and stresses, I still do all the time, but now I choose to flow with them, rather than fight against them like I used to.

And now that I’ve experienced living in flow, every day feels sooooo good… So when I’m not in flow (like today), it feels really bad… I used to eat food when I felt this way, but here’s what I do now.

I hope it helps you too. ?

⭐️ Tap and Bitch is a technique I use often when I’m feeling overwhelmed with lots of things, rather than one thing specifically.

⭐️ Give myself a break. This is the most important part. Whatever I don’t have to do absolutely, I don’t do. I take the day off from “have to’s” and “shoulds,” this doesn’t mean I don’t work, I just don’t give myself any tasks that I don’t 100% want to do. For me, this takes the pressure off and brings me back to a creative state (which is where I feel the best).

⭐️ Notice what is bothering me. For most of my life, I felt stressed and overwhelmed, and I didn’t know why. But if someone asked me how I was feeling, I could usually come up with an answer. Now I am my own best friend I check in and ask “what is making you feel this way? What can we do to shift this?

Here is an NLP technique that I often use: Take a step to the back or side of where you are currently sitting and observe yourself experiencing the stress. Notice what is going on to make her feel this way… Notice how she feels, notice who the other players are that might be contributing to this… Spend a few minutes here just observing the situation rather than being “in it.” This will give you much more clarity about the situation.

Here are some examples: Why is Brittany procrastinating? “because she has too much on her list and no one to help her out.” The solution, hire a new assistant. Why is Brittany is feeling anxious? “She hasn’t seen her man in a while and needs a hug.” Why is Brittany grumpy? “She’s really excited about this new project and wants to announce it to the world already.” The solution: take deep breaths and trust that everything is working out perfectly, including the timing.

This technique has been paramount to me organizing my life in a way that serves me, rather than depletes me.

⭐️ Wear something cute. It sounds trivial, but you’d be surprised how much it helps. I didn’t want to shower this morning, so I just threw on a hat and a new pair of sunglasses.

⭐️ Listen to music. 90’s rap always makes me feel happy. I have a playlist on Spotify with all my favorite songs. This morning I spent some time listening and dancing in my living room… The song “Back in the Day” by Ahmad Lewis really helped shift my funkiness.

⭐️ Go to Whole Foods. I know this sounds weird, but there’s something about being around whole fresh, healthy foods that makes me happy. I can go there for hours and wander around- even if I don’t buy anything, it always shifts my energy. Today there was a farmers market right down the street, so I did that instead.

⭐️ Exercise. I’m about to go for a run on the beach. I usually ask my body what it wants to do for exercise. This was my answer today. Sometimes I lift weights and listen to hip-hop, do yoga and stretch my hips, or take Bella for a walk until we both get tired. Today is about me, and I get to do whatever I want, no matter what.

⭐️ Cook for myself. This is a new thing. But after living in Mexico for so long and eating so many tacos, I’m really loving having clean home cooked meals. I am not a great cook, but I can follow a recipe. I cook in bulk and make a lot of meat stews (its the German in me).

I’m out of home cooked food, so today I’ll make a big batch that will last me a few days. I use instapot to cook quickly because I have no patience whatsoever, I get a lot of recipes from SkinnyTaste.

???So that’s my recipe to stop feeling like shit when you feel like shit. I’d love to hear how you get out of YOUR funk! ???

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