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How to NOT overeat at Thanksgiving… or any holiday party (Tap-a-long Video)

As the holiday season approaches I know that many people are concerned about gaining weight and overeating at parties. One of the main events for Americans is Thanksgiving this Thursday. Since I’m living in Spain I won’t be celebrating with my family this year but I want you to have this gift in the spirit of giving.

There is a simple but powerful technique that I discovered to stop yourself from overeating at parties. My students in Think and Thin Advanced are learning it right now and I want you to have access to it too.

If you use this technique, it will keep you from gaining the usual 5-10 pounds during the holidays! Here’s how:

Imagine for a moment you’re at a holiday party…you’re surrounded by your friends and family and there’s a big table piled high with delicious food…then tell yourself “I’m not going to eat a single thing!” Feel into your body and notice how that makes you feel.

If that visualization brings up negative emotions it means you have a weight loss blocker called “My Fun is Stuck in the Food” meaning that you tend to connect with your loved ones through food instead of feeling the actual emotional connection when you are with them. That’s why every time you go to a party and tell yourself you’ll be “good” you’ll always find yourself overeating.

I recently helped Sonia overcome this common weight loss blocker. Watch the video and get the step-by-step instructions:



The difference is that instead of passing the ball of light to just one person, pass it to all of the people you want to connect with at the party you’re attending.

Use this technique before you go to a holiday party and you will notice a huge difference in the amount you eat.

Snacking rituals in front of the TV with someone you love are also very common, such as Friday movie nights with your partner accompanied by pizza and ice cream, or a weekly game where you eat junk food and drink beer with your close friends as you support your favorite team.

  1. Start by thinking about the party you are going to and all the people at it. Notice the table of food and rate your excitement or craving for it on a scale from 0–10.
  1. Imagine eating the food and feel all the positive feelings that arise. Scoop up those good feelings of connection and togetherness as you recall the taste and gather them into a beautiful ball of light at your heart to pass it to each of your friends or family members, one person at a time.
  1. As you notice the pleasure and happiness light up the face of your loved one remember the delicious food and how amazing it tastes. Keep the taste and the good feelings produced by eating the food in your mind while you pass this ball of light back and forth between yourself and each person. This will redirect the connection and pleasure you associate with food to the people around you at the party.
  1. Move to the next person and repeat this process again from the beginning. Pass the ball of light 15-20 times per person.
  1. Think about the party and the food at the party and re-rate your desire for the food.
  1. Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

Happy Thanksgiving!





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