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How Nicole Stopped Eating Emotionally

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We just finished Week 2 of Reboot Camp which is all about your relationship with the authority figures in your life. Years of experience have taught me that unresolved anger and resentment towards an authority figure is a key issue for most people who want to lose weight. Authority figures are usually our parents, or sometimes a sibling or significant other.

Allow me to introduce you to Nicole, a student since Skinny Genes, and one of the softest, sweetest people you could wish to meet. Nicole is a peacemaker and prides herself on her positive outlook, so engaging with unresolved anger was tough for her.

Here’s her story:

I first started working with Brittany last fall in the Skinny Genes program. Brittany recognized my rebellious streak and gave me homework to do on self-sabotage relating to dealing with the authority figure(s) in my life. Either I was unwilling to do it, or my authority figures were too powerful, because I rarely completed the homework and resisted cooperation. Unsurprisingly I did not lose weight, which was a source of huge frustration and disappointment to me. But Brittany patiently schooled me and gave me direction on to address the authoritative figure and also how to push food away.

I participated in the Skinny Genes and Mastermind programs, and am also part of Brittany’s Coaching Circle, but it was not until Reboot Camp that I have courageously gotten serious about addressing those who mercilessly controlled me in the past.

It has not been difficult, but it has been very emotional. I have yelled and wept bitterly. I am here to tell you have now lost more than 10 lb! I have been a tough nut to crack, a self-saboteur, and my own greatest enemy. Thanks to all those who have helped me tap through layers of ‘stuff’ and yet more ‘stuff’.

Since the start of Reboot Camp my jeans are looser, I eat differently by choice, I am calmer, better able to focus, and have shed emotional and physical weight. I love it!! I have terrific tapping buddies who truly care, give all they have and then some. A huge THANK YOU!!!

I am so proud of Nicole! Her perseverance and determination won out in the end. Even though she didn’t lose weight in the beginning, or the middle, she stuck with the work and vowed to herself that she would succeed. And the great thing is that she will never have to wrestle with those 10 lb again. When you use tapping for weight loss the results are permanent.

You’ll have to excuse me tooting my own horn here, but my Skinny Genes program is the only weight loss program where participants are proven to lose more weight AFTER the program ends. And Reboot Camp is Skinny Genes on steroids! I’m so excited to see the shifts and transformations beginning to take place for my next round of Reboot Campers.

If you’re still feeling stuck and frustrated, please allow Nicole’s story to inspire you. Shifts WILL happen when you’re ready, open and determined, so keep the faith and keep on tapping!



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