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Brenda’s Story

I have been a hoarder of clothes for years. I had cartons and cartons and cartons of clothes. Some of them are like 25 years old. And always before, I thought if I released them I was letting of the desire or the possibility that I could wear smaller clothes. After we did this process, I have been releasing clothes easily, without any emotion attached to it. With no effort I thought, “I think I’ll go clean my closet.” I’ll try it on, if it fits, great; if I don’t like it or if it’s too big or too small, out it goes..

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  • Brendasuccess


    “I know how to recognize, respect, and respond to my body’s internal cues and wisdom. It is so amazing to really know she’s on my side…and always has been.”

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  • Marg Before After


    I lost 3 clothes sizes down to size 6. At age 67 I never thought it could happen. And I gained so much more in energy, health and happiness.

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  • Katrinasuccess


    I feel really powerful, like I have a purpose now. I was put on this earth to do something more and I will continue with that purpose until this body gives its last exhalation. I don’t have the same crushing fear of change that I used to have. I have glimpses of absolute fearlessness.

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