Emotional Eating Expert Brittany Watkins Reveals:

How to heal emotional eating and self-sabotage for yourself and others

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  • Saturday, August 16
  • 10 AM – 2PM PT (Los Angeles)
  • 12 PM – 4PM CT (Chicago)
  • 1 PM – 5PM ET (New York)

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Ever thought of becoming a coach? Would you like to learn advanced techniques to get to the core of your emotional eating?

Would you like to one day help other people do the same?

 Would you like to have a business that you can run from anywhere in the world so that you have:

  • Freedom and flexibility to do what you love
  • More time with your loved ones
  • Time and extra income to travel
  • The opportunity to make $ by helping people and changing the world?

Come “hang out” with me next Saturday, where I’ll be teaching a half-day online training that’s specific for coaches, therapists or anyone with a strong background in personal development.

In it you’ll learn:

  • My special sauce technique to overcome food cravings and the psychology of why you have cravings in the first place
  • How to stop sabotaging yourself and why your parents or authority figure dictates your ability to have self control
  • Why you can’t stop eating when you start and how this is connected to your preverbal childhood
  • The #1 reason you can’t lose weight and why you sabotage yourself every time you start feeling and looking good
  • How to overcome emotional eating, or any other vice/addiction like shopping, drinking, etc.

This will be an action-packed day of unbelievable transformation. You will leave feeling much more in control around food and armed with a powerful tool kit so you’ll know what to do any time you have:

  • A craving
  • Emotional eating urges
  • Self-sabotage patterns

Be prepared with your favorite snacks, I will take you through several exercises that will blow your mind!


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you