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Emotional Eating


How to work with emotional eating or ANY addiction.

Eat one meal alone practice pushing the food away, and repeat the technique below.

Push the food away- Step-By-Step

We all have times where we catch ourselves eating and we don’t know why. The food doesn’t even taste good, we’ve tapped away all the desire for it yet we are still grazing when we know we are not hungry.

Over the years I have learned, this problem is actually a blessing. Its a window of opportunity that give us information about our Echo’s from the past.

An Echo is a small child stuck in our psyche that still has unresolved wounds and unmet needs. An addiction is a way these child knock on our door to get our attention, they need to be healed, and we can do that, if we know how to work with addiction.

Here’s what you do:

Step 1: catch yourself when you know you’re about to eat something, or if you’re in the middle of it, stop. Just stop. Push the food away.

Step 2: Start tapping the karate chop point.

Step 3: Notice your resistance when you do this, you will definitely feel something, anxiety, anger, deprivation, sadness…. Whatever you feel, name the emotion and allow yourself to feel it (this is an important step- you must welcome the bad feeling, think of it like yoga, when the teachers tells you to relax into the un-comfort, once you get curious about this feeling and relax into it, we can clear it in a matter of seconds.)

Step 4: As you feel this uncomfortable feeling, ask yourself this question and go with the first answer that comes to mind: How old am I right now?

Step 5: Something will pop into your mind, as soon as you get the answer, ask yourself what is happening around you.

Are you looking for you mom? Are you sad about something? Just recall (to the best of your ability) what is happening. It works best if you imagine being that age again. Be there, in your body, looking through your own eyes. Start thinking/talking and tapping — even if you think you are making it up. Just talk and tap through the points until you feel your body relax.

Step 6: Check your work: go back to the food and notice how you feel about it.

Note: Often, you’ll only have to do this once. Sometimes, you may still feel a desire for the food, if so, just repeat the process from the beginning. Notice the uncomfortable feeling when you push the food away and start the inquiry process while tapping.

Note for the practitioners: The concept of “aspects” works with this exercise. Each time you / or your client, push the food away, there will be a different aspect or Echo that needs to be healed.

You can find a great video demonstration of “aspects” on gary craigs”>new website

Use this A LOT!

Happy tapping ☺