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EFT/ Tapping For Halloween Sugar Cravings

tapping-for-halloween-sugar-cravingsI made this tap-along video for you to help you get through this tempting holiday. With so many treats at your fingertips, I wanted to offer you some emergency tapping!

This weekend I went to DC to visit my sister Lauren.

She and her roommates were having a Halloween party at on Saturday night.

I was a Greek goddess, (of course).

Friday night we got home and her roommate had candy and decorations out for the party Saturday night.

I decided to eat 2 mini bags of peanut M&M’s. (Big deal, I know)

But here’s the thing…

I woke up feeling really terrible.

The old me would have spiraled into a full blown guilt-ridden binge: “Well I already blew it this weekend so might as well just keep eating, I’ll start my diet on Monday.”

Instead, now I self-correct and just go back to eating things that make me feel good the next day.

In my philosophy, I think it’s healthy to eat what you want when you want.

So, if you feel you’ve already blown it with the Halloween candy or are tempted by it laying everywhere this tapping script and video is for you!

Happy Halloween



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Here’s the tapping script:

Even though I’m so tempted by all the Halloween candy I choose to forgive myself

There’s so much candy everywhere

I want to eat it all

It’s calling to me

I can’t stop thinking about it

It’s sooooo tempting

This is soooooo bad

I’m sooooo bad for wanting all these sweets!

But they are soooooo good

I can’t control myself

I feel so out of control around sweets

They are just laying around everywhere

I can’t stop thinking about it

Even when I have one piece I want to have another and another!

It’s not okay

I shouldn’t be eating this

I totally judge myself for eating like this

I am so out of control

It’s not okay

I’m not okay

I’m so bad for eating all this candy

But I choose to forgive myself

I choose to know that my craving for sweets is just a craving to take care of myself

To be sweet to myself

So I forgive myself for wanting these sweets

For eating these sweets

And I choose to do something sweet for myself right now

Like take a bath

Or get a massage

Or give myself permission to NOT do some things on my to-do list

To take a break

Go easy on myself

And reward myself for just being me

Not because I did anything special

Just for being the person I am right now

Each day I am loving myself more and more

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  1. Jayne

    My 5 yr old self just cried and wants a hug -so I will just reward myself for the person I am right now. (I live alone have no family so a hug not easily accessible so will hug my teddy bear instead). Thx Brittany.

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