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Cut the “Even Though” Tapping and Get Real

Yesterday I told you to stop dieting. If that didn’t shake up your world, how about this…

Cut the crap with the airy-fairy “even though I feel fat…” tapping. Blah. That might feel like it’s working temporarily, but eventually it does nothing.

I didn’t get to where I am now by dancing around my latest emotion and speaking in soft tones to myself. I did a LOT of real, gritty, take-out-the-trash tapping.

Go deep, get in there, what happened in your childhood? Abandonment? Abuse? Promiscuity? Did you have a bad relationship you haven’t fully recovered from? Confront your fears. Be honest about it. Revisit it and tap the whole freaking time.

This flavor of in-your-face, skeletons-in-the-closet tapping is the foundation of the Think-and-Thin 6-week program. By delving deep into our innermost selves, the parts that we hide even from ourselves, we can heal the obstacles keeping us from our goals—even if we don’t consciously know what they are.

Some people like to stay safe—they don’t really want to dive deep, so they continue to tap on positive affirmations, visualizing their success and wondering why they don’t get results.

“If you really want to lose weight, you have to address the emotional reasons behind the extra weight”—that’s a quote from Mr. Visualization, Jon Gabriel. BTW—Jon Gabriel now recommends tapping as part of his weight loss protocol and freaked with excitement when I shared my technique to cure emotional eating.

Confronting your baggage, no matter how old and dusty it is, is the fastest and most effective way to get the weight off. And when you heal the pain you’ve been covering up with food, you’re guaranteed to keep it off. Joanne’s experience is a perfect example:

“You have given me so much hope that I am healing from a tragedy from 1977, so very long ago. I feel like this program has started to turn my world around. I have lost about 10 pounds and am confident that I will continue to lose weight.”

We tap through 6 different modules in Think-and-Thin, each exploring a key area on the journey to freedom from body jail.

Click here to read more about them. I’ll shoot you another transformational tip tomorrow. If you missed yesterday’s, about how to stop dieting, you can catch that tip here and as always check out the homepage at for all the latest updates.



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