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Craving Class


In this one hour workshop, you will learn how to control your weight by eliminating your cravings.A craving is a learned behavior. Often, a food we crave is linked back to a childhood memory: we used to eat that particular food with someone we cared about, or it was given to us as a treat, so we created a positive association between that food and an emotion that “hard-wired” into our brain. For example, you’re feeling down and you reach for chocolate. When you eat the chocolate you release endorphins, the body’s natural opiates, which lift your mood. So you eat the chocolate to feel good but the fact is the good feelings are already inside you … the chocolate has simply become a signal your mind has established to release endorphins.

In this class, you will learn … in minutes … how to break that connection and gain control of your craving.

Classes are offered on the phone or in person. Pick whichever format suits your style … you’ll get equally effective results either way.
Once you register, you’ll automatically be emailed The Skinny Genes guidebook which provides a comprehensive overview of the science and techniques used in this program. Print this out and keep it handy!
Class size is limited to 25 participants; everyone will get lots of attention.
There’s no need to fear that you’ll be giving up your favorite treats. In fact, plan on bringing your favorite vice (e.g., chocolate, potato chips, cookies) to class … we will use EFT to help you gain control of your craving, permanently, so you can enjoy your favorite foods without them controlling you.
I always guarantee my work, so, if you participate in a class and you still crave that specific food after the class, I will either work with you privately for free until we eliminate it, or refund your money, whichever you prefer.