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Category Archive for: ‘weight loss blockers’

  • Dr Oz

    I’m too Sexy, The Reason You’re Overweight

    Oprah Winfrey was raped by a relative when she was 9 years old. Based on my research and work with thousands of women, that ordeal caused her famous yo-yo dieting. A few years ago, I discovered something called weight loss blockers, which are decisions the …

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  • Brittspeaks

    Why I’m openly declaring war on the Biggest Loser

                            Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Expert Brittany Watkins Declares WAR on The Biggest Loser Brittany Watkins, America’s top emotional eating expert, has had enough of seeing women (and men!) suffer through their weight …

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  • PanamaCoconut

    How To Have The Body You Want Without Dieting

    Those intense food cravings; that trigger to overeat when you’re stressed; that late night emptiness you try to fill with sweets… they are all caused by “weight loss blockers.” Your weight loss blockers have a terrible power over you. They make it almost impossible to …

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