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  • I Love You Because…

    I have a confession. When I started my online weight loss coaching business, I gained 15 pounds the first year! I was sooo hard on myself about it. I felt like such a hypocrite. I kept thinking, how can I be worthy of helping women …

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  • How to “Tap” for Emotional Eating – Expert Level

    Ive heard many people complain that tapping doesn’t work for emotional eating. Often, tapping helps put the food down temporarily, but why do we end up eating it later? To rebel perhaps? I have to admit, when I first started tapping for my weight and …

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  • Why Tapping Works: Speculations from the Observable Brain

    Ronald A. Ruden, M.D., Ph.D. A new therapy for phobias, PTSD, addictive behaviors and other psychological issues was first described by Dr. Roger Callahan and involves thought activation of the problem followed by tapping on certain acupoints in a specific sequence. For most cases, the …

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