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  • You Wont Believe

    You won’t believe what happens in minute 13 of this video

    My jaw dropped when I heard what she told me in minute 13 of this video… But before I get into that, I want to introduce you to Hellie and her sweet story. Growing up Hellie had a really close relationship with her father. At …

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  • Sad Woman

    A sad story

    I’m going to tell you a story about a woman I know called Sarah. Sarah needs to lose 50 pounds. Ever since she was a kid she has struggled with her weight. Her parents would tell her things like “Honey, you’d be so pretty…if only …

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  • Simple mind trick for exercise

    I’d been sitting at home in my exercise gear for three hours trying to make myself go to the gym… As each hour rolled by I found myself coming up with tons of excuses and finding busy work to distract myself… sound familiar? Just as I …

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  • How to trick your body into shedding fat

    I recently learned some really cool tricks to shed fat while still eating carbs and not working out too hard. Interested?!? First, let me fill you in on some background. It all started when I met my new boyfriend. As he’s a surgeon his brain …

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  • Get the Crap out of your Gut!

    Ever since I started having trouble with my adrenals 3 years ago, I’ve been on a detox kick. I changed my diet by cutting out gluten, as well as most dairy and sugar (something I would have never been able to do without a LOT …

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  • You Still Have a Chance to Win!

    I don’t know if you’ve heard, but you have the chance to win one of my programs or even a trip down here to visit me in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! Here is a list of the prizes: 1st Place: All expenses paid vacation in …

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  • You Could Win a Trip to Playa Del Carmen

    I made this video for you explaining all the details!   Here is a list of the prizes: 1st Place: All expenses paid vacation in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and VIP entry to a 5 day workshop 2nd Place: Think and Thin Advanced program + …

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  • Stop Holiday Overwhelm (Tapping Script)

    Holidays are supposed to be full of joy and cheer, but it’s so easy to get totally bogged down and STRESSED OUT. The in-laws are coming over… the house needs to be ready… the food has to be prepared… the presents need to be bought …

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  • Naturally Slim E1382614319923

    Tip #1 How to Eat Like a Naturally Thin Person

    Hiya, something interesting happened to me earlier that I wanted to share with you. I was eating at the restaurant below my home in Mexico which always serves fabulous, fresh food. Every day there is a different dish on the menú del día and today …

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  • Reward Yourself1 E1382614531980

    I’ve just been evicted!

    A few weeks ago I came home to my apartment in San Francisco to find an eviction notice posted on my front door. It turned out that the master tenant (from whom I was renting) had stopped paying her rent. A few days prior I …

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