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Category Archive for: ‘Emotional Eating’

  • Does Your Willpower Suck?

    Stop dieting.Go deep with your tapping. And if you’re really serious about losing weight… Stop fighting your parents. Most people think they can’t lose weight because they don’t have willpower. I know, I thought this too. While I was launching my Skinny Genes program to …

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  • 5d0d9367

    3 Reasons You Can’t Stop Eating Emotionally (Audio Class)

    Brittany Watkins Podcast I’ve recently made a discovery that has kicked my creativity and passion for tapping into overdrive! You see, I’m an expert in working with emotional eating and at this point in my career I’ve already helped thousands of people to conquer this …

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  • How Nicole Stopped Eating Emotionally

    We just finished Week 2 of Reboot Camp which is all about your relationship with the authority figures in your life. Years of experience have taught me that unresolved anger and resentment towards an authority figure is a key issue for most people who want …

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  • Everyone Will Think I’m Fat!

    As I stepped onto the stage to introduce my mentor, Margaret Lynch, these words surprisingly were NOT running through my head. In the past, speaking on a stage in front of 150 people would have been preceded by a month of rigorous dieting. My inner …

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  • If You’re Still Eating Emotionally…Try This

    Did you learn more about yourself last week? If you missed that email, make sure you do that part first and then come back here. Losing weight can be scary. Stepping outside your status quo can bring up a lot of resistance in you and …

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  • Article Emotional Eating1

    How to Stop Self Sabotage – Coaching Lesson #1

    You have all the motivation in the world to lose weight. You’re doing everything right: you eat healthily, avoid carbs and mini-malls with tempting FroYo counters; you even take some exercise. Then the weekend hits. You’ve promised your friend you would drop by her party. …

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  • Fruits And Vegetables

    My Personal Story With Food

    I have to be honest with you, for years I thought people who talked about certain foods causing emotional eating were total quacks. I thought, “They have NO idea what it’s like to be an emotional eater… They think I can just STOP eating sugar? …

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  • Buffet Button Image

    Tip # 2 How to Control Your Cravings at Parties

    I’ve just arrived back in San Francisco to be with my family for the holidays. On last week’s Mastermind call many participants reported that they felt tempted by all the food at holiday parties. The season is upon us and it’s only natural that we …

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  • Naturally Slim E1382614319923

    Tip #1 How to Eat Like a Naturally Thin Person

    Hiya, something interesting happened to me earlier that I wanted to share with you. I was eating at the restaurant below my home in Mexico which always serves fabulous, fresh food. Every day there is a different dish on the menú del día and today …

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  • Hand In Heart 2

    A Thanksgiving Gift

    Last night on one of the Mastermind Program calls we talked about things we are grateful for and one of my students raised her hand and said she was grateful for the class. In over ten years of doing personal development work my class has …

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