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Category Archive for: ‘Emotional Eating’

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  • Naturally Slim E1382614319923

    Tip #1 How to Eat Like a Naturally Slim Person

    Hiya, something interesting happened to me earlier that I wanted to share with you. I was eating at the restaurant below my home in Mexico which always serves fabulous, fresh food. Every day there is a different dish on the menú del día and today …

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  • Hand In Heart 2

    A Thanksgiving Gift

    Last night on one of the Mastermind Program calls we talked about things we are grateful for and one of my students raised her hand and said she was grateful for the class. In over ten years of doing personal development work my class has …

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  • Head In Hands

    Stop Self-Sabotage

    We had an AMAZING call last night. We talked about self sabotage and emotional eating for over an hour! I also introduced my 16-Week Advanced Emotional Eating program that starts next week. At the end of the call I lead everyone through a tapping exercise …

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  • 5d0d9367

    9 Steps To Overcoming Emotional Eating and Self Sabotage

    Tomorrow I’m hosting a FREE call! I’ll be talking about self sabotage and explaining WHY you sabotage yourself by eating emotionally. Will you be there? In my private coaching practice, my clients reduce and often eliminate their emotional eating behaviour in just 10 sessions. Pretty …

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  • GA4124 2iself Control

    I Can’t Control Myself Around Food! [audio download]

    Sound familiar? In the very first Skinny Genes LIVE Q and A call, one of my students raised her hand and bravely professed that she could not control herself around food when she was in group situations, especially with her family. This is a very …

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  • Truth

    This word can make you skinny

    I have just finished an interview with Greg Walsh who is writing a book about finding your purpose. I was honored to be one of the interviewers, along with people like Jack Canfield, Nick Ortner and Margaret Lynch, who have all made their passion their …

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  • Tumblr Ls8qvvBTW01r2ehoyo1 5001

    Last night I ate a whole bar of chocolate …

    Something I haven’t done in years… I think alcohol had something to do with it, and maybe unresolved issues with an ex, but you know what I did the next day? I forgave myself. I didn’t: Wake up and punish myself by starting a new …

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  • The Top 10 Ways EFT Changed my Life and Relationship to Food

    Many people are curious about my personal story. So I thought I would share a bit more about myself and how the techniques I use in my program helped change my life and relationship to food. 1. I no longer crave chocolate (or any food) …

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