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Binge Eating


If there is one thing we can all agree on is that most of us enjoy good food. There is no better feeling then eating a great meal where not only is it going to satisfy our taste buds, but also satisfy our hunger. When we indulge in food and eat a lot (especially if the food is good) from time to time, it is considered something normal, however, when the compulsive eating gets out of hand and becomes something frequent that “rules your life”, then there may be a problem. There is a name for this, it is called ” binge eating”.

Binge eating is when a person has episodes of uncontrollable eating and consumes large quantities of food usually throughout a small period of time. Most people who experience these problems often feel ashamed and embarrassed about their situation and their lack of self control, however what they don’t know is, is that this is considered an eating disorder and there are treatment methods such as the EFT technique ( emotional freedom technique) to help eradicate and cure the disease.

Treatments such as the EFT are much talked about. It involves tapping on energy meridians that run through our body and at the same time focusing on the issues and negative impact from binge eating both physically and mentally. Its simple, you focus on specific meridian points in the body while using language patterns to shift, neutralize and reduce the negative emotions associated with the binge eating disorder.

When a person knows how to apply this technique, it can benefit them greatly in the following ways:
– Helps overcome self sabotage and impulses.
– Gets rid of fears that we create and associate with failure as well as success.
– A method which can be used at anytime and anywhere.
– Safe an easy to apply.
– No know side effects.
– High success rate ( 85 to 90% permanent outcome).

There are also numerous positive effects when applied such as: the ability to develop self control (so you do not overeat) and the confidence to continue with your goal. It will also normalize eating, allowing you to only feel hungry at the appropriate meal times of the day. Not only that, but it will also give you the ability to stop when you have had enough food, therefore not allowing you to overeat and “binge” which in turn will also decrease the volume of food you consume daily.

The EFT method is an effective and cost efficient method that works to help stop binge eating. It can save you hundreds of dollars from counseling and therapy. It can be used alongside other therapies. And it can positively improve other aspects of your life!