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3 Reasons You Can’t Stop Eating Emotionally (Audio Class)

Brittany Watkins Podcast

I’ve recently made a discovery that has kicked my creativity and passion for tapping into overdrive!

You see, I’m an expert in working with emotional eating and at this point in my career I’ve already helped thousands of people to conquer this problem.

I love tapping because it’s the fastest way to heal your brain and relationship with food. Every time I tap I feel like I am a conjurer, magically tapping away all my problems. With tapping the results are instant AND I don’t need to use willpower because it changes my brain chemistry and I’m all set. Permanent change! :-)

But when it came to emotional eating I wasn’t achieving the awesome results I was used to in other areas of my life. I felt so frustrated and angry that my magic wouldn’t work on the very thing that was causing me the most distress!

Then one day that all changed… You see, I’m a shortcut addict. If there is a shortcut to be found, I will find it and take it.

In high school this got me into a lot of trouble! But that shortcut addiction stuck with me, and I’ve now come to realize its one of my greatest attributes. You see, I WILL NOT STOP until I find the best, fastest, most effective way to do something. This is a skill (as I now call it) rather than a defect!

And you can bet your little behind that I found a way to use my shortcut skills to eliminate emotional eating!

I recorded this interview with my good friend Gene Monterastelli where I explain the brand new technique I discovered for dealing with emotional eating. My Mastermind program students and I have named it “echo tapping” as it works on unraveling negative unconscious childhood patterns which shape our adult behavior.

This new spin on tapping has completely changed my life and the lives of hundreds of my students. You can catch the recording here, I hope you learn something fantastic!



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