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  • A sad story – Part 2

    Whoa, we were inundated with responses to my post about Sarah’s sad story! Sooo many people identified with Sarah that I thought I’d give you another story to help you understand weight loss blockers further and how they might be affecting you. Karen was the …

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  • A sad story

    I’m going to tell you a story about a woman I know called Sarah. Sarah needs to lose 50 pounds. Ever since she was a kid she has struggled with her weight. Her parents would tell her things like “Honey, you’d be so pretty…if only …

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  • Self Love Healthy

    Thank you! Free Gift Self-Love

    The Think and Thin Advanced Program application process is nearly over! I’m crazy busy with appointments today and tomorrow and we have an amazing group of women starting this life-changing journey together. Self-love and acceptance is one of the biggest transformations women report as a …

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  • Feelbad

    The ugly truth about your extra pounds

    So, on the call for my coach certification class I was teaching the coaches the protocol for getting the fastest weight loss results in the very shortest period of time. And I told them, “If your client has ever been sexually abused, nothing else will …

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  • How to stop sabotaging yourself

    Losing weight can be scary! Stepping outside your status quo can bring up a lot of resistance in you and from the people close to you. Try this: Imagine yourself at your ideal weight. Notice what you look like. How do you feel? What are …

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  • [Audio download] My special holiday gift for you

    So…how are the holidays treating you? I am not going home to the US for the holidays this year, I’m actually hosting and cooking Christmas dinner for the first time here at my house in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I just came back from my …

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  • Does Your Willpower Suck?

    Stop dieting.Go deep with your tapping. And if you’re really serious about losing weight… Stop fighting your parents. Most people think they can’t lose weight because they don’t have willpower. I know, I thought this too. While I was launching my Skinny Genes program to …

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  • 5d0d9367

    3 Reasons You Can’t Stop Eating Emotionally (Audio Class)

    Brittany Watkins Podcast I’ve recently made a discovery that has kicked my creativity and passion for tapping into overdrive! You see, I’m an expert in working with emotional eating and at this point in my career I’ve already helped thousands of people to conquer this …

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  • How Nicole Stopped Eating Emotionally

    We just finished Week 2 of Reboot Camp which is all about your relationship with the authority figures in your life. Years of experience have taught me that unresolved anger and resentment towards an authority figure is a key issue for most people who want …

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  • If You’re Still Eating Emotionally…Try This

    Did you learn more about yourself last week? If you missed that email, make sure you do that part first and then come back here. Losing weight can be scary. Stepping outside your status quo can bring up a lot of resistance in you and …

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